Recoating hardwood floors

Lebrun Flooring is backed by 25 years of experience and is a family-run business. It specializes in hardwood flooring and is the only flooring business in Ottawa that uses Procoating! Lebrun offers polyurethane and water-based finishes for your hardwood floors including a Radcoat UV finish that cures on site. We can sand in the morning and be ready to go the same day!
Lebrun Flooring is backed by 25 years of experience and is a family-run business. It specializes in hardwood flooring and is the only flooring business in Ottawa that uses Procoating! Lebrun offers polyurethane and water-based finishes for your hardwood floors including a Radcoat UV finish that cures on site. We can sand in the morning and be ready to go the same day!
Did you know that Lebrun Flooring offers a 1 day turn around on most hardwood flooring and refinishing projects. Using the latest in UV Curing technology we are able to cure your newly refinished hardwood floor instantly, allowing you to use you knew floor the moment we are finished.
This process is what sets Lebrun apart from the rest of the Ottawa flooring companies. By using UV curing technology Lebrun is able to offer quality installations and your new floor, ready to dance on in 1 day. Have a look at the video below to see exactly how the UV flooring process works.
Easy application with mop, brush, roller, or applicator l High solid content usually requires only 2 coats l Fast Drying reduces the time between coats l Extremely light in color; great for custom flooring Superb durability for use in high-traffic areas l Excellent abrasion resistance l Chemical and Stain resistant l Available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin and Extra Flat Designer Satin l Container sizes: Quarts, gallons, pails, drums and totes & Refinishing wood floors Ottawa.
The BULLDOG Series UV Floor Curing Equipment is the latest in floor finishing technology. Used for curing concrete, wood, vinyl, and tile floors, the BULLDOG employs state of the art ultraviolet lighting for an instant cure of today’s cutting edge floor coatings & Sanding hardwood floors Ottawa.
Benefits of Hardwood Flooring
* Quality hardwood floors are specifically milled to ensure a uniform and stable fit. The choice between finished and unfinished hardwood floors is an important factor in this, of course.
* Hardwood floors are very easy to clean as they do not accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, and debris. A weekly cleaning procedure involves vacuuming, moping and keeping the floor dry. That’s it!
* Along with an elegant, high-end aesthetic, hardwood floors offer the warmth, beauty, and value of wood, which never goes out of style. Hardwood floors are also said to enable a look of spaciousness wherever they are installed.
* High quality hardwood floors that are kiln-dried, manufactured, installed, and finished to certain standards can last for generations. Able to stand up to active workspaces and heavy foot traffic, quality hardwood floors are tough, hard-wearing, and have long term durability.
* Choosing hardwood floors increases the value of your property. It is a great long-term investment and can actually become a strong resale argument, exceeding the initial installation cost of the floors. It also enables a faster sale and brings higher prices at the time of resale.
* Hardwood floors offer a wide range of appearances. There are many colors, styles, stains, and species available. In addition, you can choose between pre-finished and unfinished hardwood floors. No matter how diverse and unique your needs are, there are many hardwood flooring options available.
* A properly installed hardwood floor never gives you hollow sounds or vibrations.
* These floors are a healthy choice for interior environments. It has no fibers, grout lines, or embossing that can trap dust, pollen, particles, animal dander, and allergens that occur with carpets. They are the best choice of flooring with allergy sufferers and contribute to healthier indoor air quality.
* When other floors will begin to look tired and worn, your hardwood floors will still look beautiful. And your hardwood floors become more valuable as time goes by. Also keep in mind that unlike carpeting and vinyl, hardwood floors can be refinished rather than replaced when the finish needs an update.

Lebrun is able to offer quality installations and your new floor,Installing hardwood floors Ottawa, ready to dance on in 1 day. Have a look at the video below to see exactly how the UV flooring process works & Recoating hardwood floors Ottawa.

Hardwood Floors And Leaking Water Pipes

Providing your house is flooded due to plumbing situations, it might not be as devastating as a flood caused by Mother Nature, but it may still hurt hardwood floors and other belongings in a house. Cleaning the water up as fast possible is the most important thing. The less amount of time the wood is completely saturated with water, the better.

What you will want to do first of all is get off your electricity and water if you realize you have flooding taking place. It is essential to contact your insurance supplier right away. If a residence is flooded due to plumbing issues, it is usually covered under your home owner’s insurance. Your insurance agent can enlighten you what to do next about engaging a qualified company to do the clean up and someone to do the repairs that may be required.

While you are waiting for assistance to get there, you should do all you can to begin getting out things that are becoming affected by the water. When you have two floors in your living space, some small possessions may be gotten up stairs when the water is confined to the first floor. Larger furniture might have to be moved outside, if possible. Water will hurt the legs of furniture if they are exposed to it very long. If the water is not too deep, proceed to sweep or make use of a wet/dry vacuum to get all of it you can out of the home. Wet/dry vacuums are very handy for problems like this.

In the best of situations you will examine a company’s credentials before you hire them, but since it was an emergency, you might not have. If you could not when you called them, do it now. You want to find out about what they will do and the cost before they start the clean up. If they show you their qualifications and you are sure they are licensed and insured, let them get started.

Hard wood floors will probably be costly to replace, but if the water was not on the floors long enough to cause warping, they may be saved. The less money it cost your insurance business, the better for them. Other than the cost, the burden of having floors entirely replaced can take days or weeks for demolition and installment time.

There are new methods of drying hard wood floors that many specialists are using to save them. The biggest part of the flood water can be extracted and the remainder is gotten out a little at a time to reduce the chances of cupping or warping by putting vacuum panels on the floor. Dehumidifiers with HEPA filters capabilities are used to get dampness from the air and keep it clean. Using this procedure should save your existing hard wood floors and is a much more economical solution.

Jim Corkern is a writer and promoter of quality water damage restoration
Los Angeles Water Damage Restoration and
Chicago water damage restoration companies.

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Concrete Flooring and Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring is a great type of flooring with many different advantages and benefits and there are lot of reasons that someone might consider concrete flooring for a room or outdoors area over another type of flooring.

Concrete flooring is of course first and foremost highly easy to maintain and this is one of the big things that make concrete floors so appealing to so many people. The perfect thing about a concrete floor is that it is completely flat and non-absorbent. This is very different when compared to say carpets which is made of lots of tiny absorbent fibres. In a carpet dirt can easily get caught between these fibres and get tangled in. this makes it very hard to get out with a regular vacuum and bacteria and mites can also tend to hide in here. Further carpet stains and this means that if you spill or wine or something similar you will probably have to write off the carpet as something pleasant looking for your room.

Neither of these things are true of concrete and whether it’s dust, crumbs or wine you spill on your floor this will just sit on top of the concrete and remain easily to brush away. By giving it a polish or a mop you can make the floor actually sparkle and make it bright enough that you would be able to see your reflection in it.

Another huge boon of concrete flooring is the fact that it is so durable. Concrete is a hard material that you really cannot chip or crack and this means that if you drop something onto it it won’t break. Likewise the same is true of small scratches – and you won’t find lots of little hairline scratches all over the floor or marks as a result of people walking over it in heals – either of which can tend to occur on hardwood or on laminate floors. And unlike carpet it will never rip.

This means that concrete floors stay looking better for longer and you can ensure that you won’t have to replace them any time soon. If you spend some money on having concrete flooring put in then this is an investment and the flooring will not deteriorate any time soon. Better yet, for this very reason you will find that your home goes up in value as a result of getting concrete flooring. Concrete floors then pay for themselves both because they help you to avoid future expenditures, but also because they help you to sell your property at a higher price in the future. If your floors do get scratched or damaged then it’s only a matter of using resurfacing and you can bring it all to the same level again – not a dent will be visible.

Despite all this these floors are not highly costly and when you compare them to something like granite or limestone you will see that they are a far cheaper expense. However they can be just as attractive and by using stamping and staining techniques you can even make your concrete floors look almost like granite themselves.

Concrete Flooring is a great way to add value and class to a room. CPSFloors can Help. We can create a range of Concrete Floors to suit any location. Check out our website for more information.

Ansal Independent Floors # 09811848444 #Ansal Megapolis Floors

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Ansal Megapolis Freesia Floors:
Ansal API has launched its New Residential Homes “Ansal Megapolis Independent Floors” situated at Ansal Sushant Megapolis City in Greater Noida. Ansal Megapolis New Project Independent Floors offer you four types of Terrace “Freesia, Zinnia, Orchid and Daffodil”.

* Gymnasium
* Food Courts
* Hotel
* Play Area
* Club House
* Broadband Internet
* Tennis Court
* Garden

About Apaar Propmart:
Noida is emerging as one of the largest industrial and education hubs of India. Noida is now the common ground for the development of commercial, residential as well as retail units. In fact, the real estate companies in Noida are on full gear to suffice the growing demand for Noida residential property. Noida seems to attract more investors and developers due to its better infrastructure facilities arrangements and also a direct metro connection with Delhi and the Express Highway to Noida will enhance and facilitate easy movements to Noida.

Apaar Propmart Pvt. Ltd. is a consulting company for real estate and new developing property world of India’s major cities like Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Greater Noida West, Yamuna Expressway, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Sonipat, Lucknow and other zones like Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities also. As a “LEADING REAL ESTATE CONSULTANTS” Apaar Propmart Pvt. Ltd. is representing the most reputated and experienced builders/developers associated with ANSAL API, UNITECH, SUPERTECH, JAYPEE GROUP, GAUR GROUP, AMRAPALI, ETC. in Delhi/NCR.

Apaar Propmart Pvt. Ltd. has two missions, first “POINTING YOUR DIRECTION” mediation between buyer/investor and builder. Apaar Propmart Pvt. Ltd. takes the responsibility to choose reputated and committed developers for their investors and all remittances should be crystal clear, visible and transparent. Second “POISED FOR PROMISE” Apaar Propmart Pvt. Ltd. has a huge number of investors’ faith. Apaar Propmart Pvt. Ltd. provides all types of property like Plots, Apartments, Villas, Independent Floors, High Rise Apartments/Low Rise Apartments, Industrial/Commercial Spaces, Shops, Offices, Food Courts and all facilities under one roof, gives personal services to its customers and investors after sale of property, help them to resale the property and provides support for any kind of property related documents from developer side.

For Booking and More Details:
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Sector-29, NOIDA(201301),U.P, INDIA
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Noida is emerging as one of the largest industrial and education hubs of India. Noida is now the common ground for the development of commercial, residential as well as retail units. In fact, the real estate companies in Noida are on full gear to suffice the growing demand for Noida residential property. Noida seems to attract more investors and developers due to its better infrastructure facilities arrangements and also a direct metro connection with Delhi and the Express Highway to Noida will enhance and facilitate easy movements to Noida.

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Refinishing Hardwood Floors: The DIY Process

Improving the different features of your home is a necessity to maintaining your house’s value, though doing so may require a lot of energy and time on your part. Refinishing hardwood floors in your house, for example, will give your home the upgrade that it needs without needing you to replace your floors altogether.

There is no doubt that refinishing your floors will require an extra amount of discipline from you. For this reason, most people choose to have the job done by a professional. However, doing so will also require you to shell out more money than you need to. You can save yourself from spending more than you want to by doing the refinishing job yourself. After all, it only involves a very simple process that will yield you results that will be better than what you expect.

The secret to being successful at refinishing hardwood floors lies in performing the process in the right time. Ideally, you should refinish your floors once they have started to show signs of aging.

Start the process by acquiring all the materials that you will need for the job. This includes the following: a floor edger, a buffer, a drum sander, a putty knife, a scraper, a sanding material, and different protection gear (like mask and gloves).

Because sanding may take a big part of your wooden flooring off, make sure that you do the sanding process as lightly as you can. You may exert extra force on the areas where cracks are apparent, in order to even the area out.

After sanding the whole area of, you may now use your choice of polish to restore the shine on your floors. There are different waxes that are designed specifically for tasks like this. Make sure that you choose the right type of wax that is suitable for the type of material used for your floorings.

Make sure that you maintain the right temperature in the room all throughout the whole refinishing process. Because you will be removing the topmost area off of your floorings, it will be more susceptible to contracting or expanding. Control the temperature to avoid incurring any untoward damage.

Since it is unlikely that you will need to perform the same task in the future, you better choose to borrow the necessary equipments if you do not own them yourself. This way, you will be able to save more money on your refinishing task.

Learn more about hardwood floors. Stop by Jerry Lepage’s site where you can find out all about engineered wood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring.

Refinish Hardwood Floors

If your wooden floors have been covered by your carpet for quite some time or it’s been a long time since you’ve had those wood floors installed, they probably don’t look so good anymore. Waxing or buffing can make your floors shine, but if you really want your floors to look great, refinishing is needed. Refinishing can be messy but it’s a rewarding job.

To refinish floors, you need the following: a drum, floor or orbital sander, floor edger, buffer, putty knife and scraper, shop vacuum, lamb’s wool and a natural bristle brush or foam applicators, and tack cloths. Always use safety goggles, ear protection and a dust mask because sanding floors can be noisy and dusty.

Start by taking out furniture and rugs from the room. Use a pair of pliers to easily remove leftover carpet staples or tacks. Then hammer away exposed nails that can break the sanding machine. To contain dust and keep it from spreading elsewhere, hang plastic over the doorways and place rags or towels under doors. Sweep the floor clean afterwards. A drum sander can be frightening at first since it is big and noisy. It works quickly but if you’re not careful it can put an ugly groove in the floor that’s difficult to remove. If you’re not comfortable with one, switch to a floor sander. The newer orbital sanders are easier to use.

Use heavy grit sandpaper (30 grit) that will fit the machine. Then, sand in the direction of the wood grain using straight, even strokes. Never sand across the grain. When you’re finished, replace the heavy-grit sandpaper with a lighter grain sandpaper (60 grit) to eliminate sand scratches and lines in the floor. Repeat these steps with 80 grit and then 100 grit sandpaper for smooth, even floors. Clean the floors between sanding using a vacuum.

Apply polyurethane with a brush or roller. Use smooth, even strokes. Wait for the floor to dry in about 3 hours before giving it a second coat. Allow the final coat to dry overnight and return furniture and rugs in three days.

For a great selection of quality hardwood floors, area rugs, and more, visit

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Redefine Your Prefinished Floors With Prefinished Floors Refinishing NJ

Prefinished floors refinishing NJ offer flooring services to refinish your weathered, torn and aged prefinished floors. There are different types of prefinished floors such as laminated prefinished wood and engineered prefinished wood. Please take note that some of these types of prefinished floors cannot be refinished since they are not made of real wood.

It is the solid prefinished wood that can be sanded and stained if ever the need arises. A prefinished solid wood has a 5mm wear layer which can be sanded and stained several times during its lifetime. What most people believe is that prefinished floors cannot be sanded or refinished because of the nature of how they were manufactured.

Prefinished floors refinishing NJ use a special machine for sanding prefinished floors. All their wood technicians are experts and knowledgeable in the work they do and they only use quality wood products to get the job done right. You’ll be surprised how amazingly new and beautiful your prefinished floor looks after the work has been done.

If you are concerned that your prefinished floor might incur damage during the refinishing process, you should consider prefinished floors refinishing NJ. They do not start working on your prefinished floor until they have surveyed it and assessed it if it is capable of repair and refinishing.The quality of the wood used for a prefinished floor affects the outcome of refinishing. There are prefinished floors that are made of very thin wood and needs really great care when refinishing. If the prefinished wood cannot be refinished, their wood experts will advise you on other ways to have a new flooring system that suits your budget.

Prefinished floors refinishing NJ guarantees that you will have the same glory of your prefinished floor the first time you installed it and will cost lesser than the installation price. Sanding a prefinished floor does not take that long because of the special equipment that they are using. You may also choose the color of your prefinished floor during refinishing. There are plenty of shades to choose from so your floor will blend with your home décor.

After the job is done, your floor will look as if it is newly installed. What makes floor refinishing awful are the V-grooves that appear between the boards. This is mostly common in refinished floors but with the technology, proper equipment and expertise of prefinished floors refinishing NJ, your prefinished floors will be very even and really flat. When the finishing is applied, you get a really smooth surface, with gloss and shine that makes it stunning and glamorous.

The reason many prefinished floors end up with cracks and creases is because they are not fully assessed and evaluated before they underwent refinishing. Remember that any type of wood has a limit on how many times it can be sanded. If it has reached its limit, you must not push further as you may just damage the floor further. Prefinished floors refinishing NJ can help you refinish your prefinished floor without having to break them.

If you are looking for information regarding prefinished floors refinishing NJ, you can click on the link. Or visit today.

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How To Repair Damaged Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful type of flooring material you could install at home. These floors can add appeal to your house. There are several shapes and designs that you can choose from. Some hardwood floors are expensive while others are affordable.

Although they differ in various ways, hardwood floors have the tendency to get damaged. When a part of your floor is damaged it is good to know what to do. Do you need to call an expert to fix it. Ordinary people can actually do the repairs on their hardwood floors. This page will help you learn how to repair a damaged hardwood floor so you could save more money.

First important step is to gather supplies and materials that you need in repairing your hardwood floor. Tools and supplies needed for repairing the damaged floor must be complete so that your job is faster and easier. In case you don’t have complete tools you can run to any local home improvement or hardware store near you and buy those things. You may borrow some tools and supplies from your neighbor if you don’t want to spend money. It is imperative that you have everything you need, tools and materials, before beginning your repair job

Then, you need to cut out damaged boards of your floors. You do not necessarily remove the entire hardwood floors. Make sure that you are only removing the damaged part of the hardwood floor. Removing damaged parts of floors may require you patience but this will help you save money.

And lastly, replace the damaged parts with new boards. Make sure that you have the same type of design and shape of tile as the original hardwood floor you are replacing. Check the size and design of the tile that you are replacing. If new boards are ready then place them on the surface using appropriate tools.

So there you are, the basic steps in repairing your damaged hardwood tiles. You can easily perform the repairing because it is easy and doable. It is very easy to do and will only require a few minutes to an hour depending on the area to be replaced.

Find the best in hardwood floors with us at hardwood flooring San Diego. Where the best installers of hardwood can be found at hardwood installer San Diego.

Garage Floors Can Now be Protected, Made Beautiful and Functional

Garage floors are perfect candidates for parking your cars, trucks, and SUVs on. They allow a relatively hard and flat surface for doing projects on. They can take a certain reasonable amount of use and abuse over the years without having to replace it, and they are pretty easy to clean and maintain when there is a mishap. However, garage floors can also become stained, dirty, and even damaged. Of course, these situations can be remedied, but there are also things you can do as a homeowner to seal, protect or even cover the concrete to give it as long a life as possible. Lets take a look at some of the options available to best care for and protect our garage floors.

Since garage floors are meant to be used, it only makes sense to take steps to protect them from damage. Having to repair cracked and broken concrete can be expensive and is easily avoided. Manufacturers have done a good job of making garage floor coverings. For example, there are floor mats that come in various lengths and widths. These are usually made from vinyl and are extremely durable. One of the nice things about this option is that you can easily customize their placement to suit your particular needs. You can even get them in different patterns.

Another product many people choose for protecting garage floors is an epoxy paint coating that is just brushed or rolled on. This type of covering does not give padding or sound insulation like other options, but it does come in various colors and is extremely durable once applied. I have found this option to be perhaps the most practical for many home owners. The process of applying it is somewhat involved, but easily up to the skill level of almost anyone who can read and follow simple instructions. Garage floors benefit from this type of coating because the epoxy acts as a sealant that, once cured, is nearly rock hard, and will protect the floor for years and years. Before applying the epoxy the floor has to be cleaned thoroughly, and several coatings may be required. Some manufacturers even make small texture granules that can be added to give additional traction and looks to the floor.

No discussion of garage floors is complete without a consideration of interlocking rubber tiles. These come in various colors and are great to use if you want to create a customized look and feel to your garage floor. You can interlock each panel together in whatever pattern you find pleasing. Garage floors with this sort of covering look amazing. Think 1950’s black and white checkered floor. Let your imagination go crazy with this product and design something really unique.

So, as you can see, garage floors don’t have to remain dull gray and unprotected any longer. Whether you want to create a fun customized look, or cover and protect the floor from dings and other damage, you now have some really good options in floor coverings. I hope you can discover what will work best for you. Once you find the perfect product, then your floor will be one of thousands of other garage floors that got the covering they needed to look their best.

How to maintain Wooden Floors Beautiful For Long Time?

You have chosen Wooden Floors for your homes and installed it with care. Now wooden flooring is the main highlight and specialty of your home and it provides the great look to your home. Now you are wondering how long you can maintain the beauty of your home with wooden floors.

To maintain beauty of wooden floors we need proper cleaning of wooden floors with a required time. We can try regular cleaning of our wooden floors with sweeping with a soft bristle and vacuuming it. We can also try some branded product to clean our wooden floors. We need to avoid by using that kind of product which is harmful for our wooden floors. So we need to take all kind of information about this product.

From where we are buying the wooden floors for our home?

To maintain the beauty of wooden floors it is also important that from where we buy wooden floors for our home? Because if we choose best and recommended place for our wooden floors they also help to maintain the beauty of our wooden floors. We can also suggest you the best wooden flooring company in India.

Options Unlimited is the best place from where you can buy best quality of wooden floors for your home. Option unlimited provides many varieties in wooden flooring with maintenance.
Option unlimited takes itself lot of branded wooden floors like Engineered floors, Laminate Floors, Outdoor Wood and Exterior Floors. Engineered floors are the best for using wooden floors in the interior area like drawing room, living room, lobby and other rooms in the home. We also have the new variety in engineered floors that is metallic floors and we imported it from Malaysia. Laminate floors also called tiles. Laminate flooring becomes popular because of his quality easier to install and maintain the beauty for long time of his traditional surface such as hardwood flooring. We import Laminate floor from Belgium for their leading brand Balteiro. . Exterior wood are most likely to used outside area like garden where we want to decorate some wooden works to increase the beauty of our garden. Exterior Wood brings the quality with itself to protect the wood from weather and sunlight. Outdoor Wood is useful in outside area. We offer outdoor deck flooring, wall cladding, facades, gates, fences etc. which are invented from the finest quality of wood to last for a long period of time.

How options Unlimited help you to take care of your floors?

Options unlimited provide some product to help you to clean your floors and maintain the beauty of floors for long time. We have various range of floors care product that is specially preferred for wooden floors such as Bona of Sweden.

We provide some product for cleaning the floors.

 Wooden Floors cleaning Kit
 Wood Floors Cleaner
 Spry Mop
 Cleaning Pad
 Wooden Floor Refresher
 Cleaner Cartridge

Wooden floors cleaning kit includes Mop with handle cleaning pad wood floor cleaner (1L). It is cleaning the floor with pad that picks up moisture and dirt, doing floors clean without leaving scratches. It works with all Bona products. Wood floor cleaner specially designed for varnished wood floors and is easy to use on the floors. It works with all Bona wood refresher and polishes. Spry Mop specially designed for wooden floors and easy cleaning without residues and marks. Cleaning pad is reusable up to 300 times and machine washable. It keeps gentle on your floors. Wooden floor refresher specially developed for finished wooden floors and contains no waxes. Cleaner cartridge is easy to use and refillable cartridge. It is specially design for varnished wooden floors. It cleans the floors without leaving any scratches. It is environment friendly sound, PH neutral cleaner.

With these products you can take of wooden floors for long time and maintain the beauty of wooden floors. Option unlimited imported Bona and Amway branded product for Interior floors which include engineered floors and we import UVI protective oil for exterior floors.

How could we provide maintenance to Wooden Flooring?

To maintain wooden floors beautiful for long time it needs maintenance. We have to clean the wooden floors with a required time. We can clean the floors with different products like cleaning pad, with sweeping with a soft bristle, with oiling, polishing, wood refresher, spray etc. we can provide maintenance to our floors with these products which can maintain wooden floors beautiful. These products are available in the market and you can also buy from that place from where you purchased the wooden floors. So little bit of our awareness to our floor and provide maintenance to keep beautiful wooden floors for long time.

we provide you the best variety of wooden floors with good maintenance. We also provide you some quality maintenance products for Interior Floors and Exterior Floors.

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