Animation School

If you are considering attending an animation school, you should know that it isn’t all about creating cartoon characters and graphic novels. The field is incredibly diverse, as is the education that you will receive.

Though curriculum and specialties vary with each individual institution, the major components of animation school include; 2D character animation, 3D character animation, digital photography, game and art design, computer graphics, graphic design and visual effects for film & TV as well as several forms of drawing or sketching which is the basis for this career, whether you draw with a pencil or a computer mouse.

Once you have the education that you need, graduate from an animation school who is brimming with both drive and natural artistic ability can look forward to a plethora of career options in the gaming sector, tech or web sector and film or television.

These options include;
Sketch artist
Graphic Designers
Web designers
Visual artists
Multimedia designers
Computer game developers or programmers
Animators for film or television
Special effects for film or television

To earn a degree in animation- depending on your specialty- will usually take up to 3 years for a bachelor with an additional year for your Masters Degree. These times can also be significantly reduces if you opt to take your animation training via on online school as it lets you set your own pace.

Some schools offer condensed programs touching lightly on all faucets of animation while others keep their primary focus on a handful of specialties depending on your passion and specific interests. Given the vast differences in animation schools it is best to check out several before committing yourself. Pay careful attention to where you want your career to lead you in order to ensure your education is in line with those future goals.

With our never ending consumer hunger and business need for animation based film, TV, advertizing or web design, you can assure yourself a very bright future in the expanding industry of animation.

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