Law School

The decision to join Law school has come from deep within me and it is a passion that started when I was a little girl. I come from a single parent household and a low income family, so the odds of me going to college were very slim, especially because no one else in my family went before me. I can remember ever since I was in elementary school, my Dad would always say, “you have to get good grades in school so that you can go to college” He wanted me to have a better life than the one I had when I was growing up. His dream was for me to get a good job and be successful in whatever I wanted to do. I started at Holyoke Community College but my goal was to go all the way till I earn a bachelors degree. So then I moved on to Western New England College and will be earning my bachelors degree in May 2010. Being the first person in my family to go to college, the experience was new to everyone and they wished me the best because they saw hope in me.

In high school I was not the best student; my first year in college was the breakthrough. I have been on the Dean’s list for four consecutive years. Having a single parent and coming from a poor family has not deterred me from achieving my goals but instead this has motivated me to always work hard.

Every personal reflection points me in the direction of law school. With my outstanding grades, teamwork capabilities, and my willpower to succeed, I will make a good lawyer and law school will be a great addition to my academic career. When I think of college I think of a role model, I am the role model for my family. My goal is to show them that even though we grew up in poverty, things can change with drive, determination, a little push, and a lot of hard work.

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for my family and this is a great way to start my life. Becoming a lawyer has been my passion for years and I have been working towards it ever since I joined college. When I took a law course in my first year of college, I was drawn into the different fields and aspects that we learned about and I got an A in the course. I was very interested in knowing why different laws came about and how they are implemented into today’s society. While I was in class I became more and more interested in the different laws, measures, and steps that had to be taken to complete a case. Law has always fascinated me and after taking that law course it was set in my mind; I have to become a lawyer.

I will make a great lawyer because I have a lot of drive, I work well in groups, I am organized, I follow through on everything I start, I have a passion for what I set my mind to, have the ability to think quickly, I am a leader and when I want something I will work as hard as it takes to accomplish my goal. I also I enjoy a good challenge .I can set higher goals and pursue them with steadfast, determination, perseverance, excitement and self assurance.

I aspire to open my own practice. With the help of your college I know that I can achieve my goal of doing just this. I wish to be a person who can make a difference in people’s lives, and change society for the better. I want to help those in need and the community. By pursuing a Law degree, I intend to enter a professional that aligns with the interests and aptitudes that I have developed in my life. I am therefore very dedicated to join Law school.



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Writing Essays 101

There are many out there that will have to write essays. Some of you might not know how. So how do you begin to even write an essay? It’s all pretty easy. If you have a topic which can be given or it could be something that you choose, it’s not so hard there.

Now, some people prefer to write it on paper first. This is advised so then you can have people read it and they can give you your ideas. However, some just type it on their computer to save them a step or two. You can do it the way you choose to do so.

When you do an essay, you need to write (essay write) in a manner to keep your audience interested. That is why you want to start out good. This is why need all your facts straight. By starting with a thesis statement you will tell what your essay is going to be about and you can start with some nice hard facts.

From there, you go on to explain where you are coming from on your point of view.

Some people wonder how much information they should have. This is the rule of thumb. You make your statement and as you look for facts, you should have facts that support your statement. You should have a couple of points that you are trying to make. So for every statement, you should have two to three points that support this.

Don’t forget that to every paper you write, there are three parts. With writing essays, you need to remember that you need to have your introduction. Then you have your body. With every essay, you then have a conclusion as well. This will give you reader closure. Sometimes, you might end with a challenge. Other times, it might be recapping all that you wrote about. Whatever you choose, make sure that you have a great conclusion as you want to ensure that you wrap it up and that you don’t leave your reader thinking that there is more to it and you just left it without finishing it.

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