bathroom Luxury Just Got A Makeover!

Big Bathroom Shop has had a makeover! The home of luxury bathroom products in the UK offers a range of amazing bathroom items to help you realise your big bathroom dreams.

Lancashire-based international digital retailer Limitless Digital Group have improved and upgraded their flagship UK bathroom site – Big Bathroom Shop – a move designed to improve user experience and provide the ultimate online luxury shopping experience for their customers.

With a passion for luxury bathroom items, a commitment to first-class customer service and a wealth of experience and know-how at the heart of Big Bathroom Shop, it is anticipated these improvements will further inspire UK bathroom consumers to realise their ‘Big Bathroom Dreams’.

Since launching in 2007, Big Bathroom Shop has placed itself at the forefront of the UK bathroom buying experience, offering free expert advice through their blog and supplying a range of luxury bathroom products with some of the industry’s leading product guarantees.

The new and improved website, incorporating refreshed branding, improved navigation, an extensive product offering from its international supply chain – alongside an upgraded trade customer offering – is all part of the Company’s strategy to deliver the best digital retail experience to its consumers in its chosen markets.

With further developments to come to further enhance the customer’s experience and with its dedication to high-class service to its customers, Big Bathroom Shop anticipates continued and significant growth in its UK bathroom business.

In talking about these exciting new developments Managing Director, Steve Cunliffe said: – “We believe our upgraded website, alongside a quality product offering and our continued commitment to outstanding levels of customer service, will allow us to continue growing our UK bathroom business and become one of the UK’s leading online bathroom retailers.”

“Everybody who works for Big Bathroom Shop knows that we want to provide high-quality bathroom products with exceptional customer service. From placing your order to having it delivered, to ensuring you are satisfied with the service we have provided, we want to be the very best at what we do and offer quality in every area of the business – that starts right here with our new and improved website!”

Think BIG and dream BIGGER with Big Bathroom Shop!

Limitless Digital Group is a pure-play multi-brand digital retailer with a mission to provide the best B2C digital retail experience to consumers in its chosen markets.

To discover more about this leading international online retailer, please visit

At Big Bathroom Shop there’s a team of bathroom experts on hand to answer any questions you may have either before or after an order is placed. Excellent after-sales care is one of Big Bathroom Shop’s core values – to learn how they can help you to realise your bathroom goals, please visit the new and improved Big Bathroom Shop website.


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Home Improvement Projects For Selling A Home

Whether you plan to sell your home or plan to stay there are plenty of DIY friendly projects that you don’t need to hire a contractor for.  So if you are interested in making improvements to your home here are some simple projects for beginners.

By savviproperties

Whether you plan to sell your home or plan to stay there are plenty of DIY friendly projects that you don’t need to hire a contractor for.  So if you are interested in making improvements to your home here are some simple projects for beginners.

If your cabinets are starting to look worn or dated this is probably a good project for you. Plus there are all kinds of tutorials on painting cabinets online so you won’t have any trouble finding information on the subject. This can give your kitchen a whole new fresh look. Just remember for projects like this one the final result will depend on how well you prep the surface for paint.

This may seem insignificant but it can change the look of a bathroom. It requires no special tools and is again very simple. Many times when a home is built builders will throw in cheap builders grade mirrors that don’t look that great but this simple project can really give some life to something that is kind of bland.

This is something that not many people think about but when it is done right it can look amazing. There are lots of different styles and designs that you can do. Go online and find one that you like and get started.

Your garage door takes up a lot of space on the outside of your house so it makes sense that if it looks bad it can bring down the curb appeal of your home. This is important especially if you plan to sell your house. Just pop into your local paint store to see what type of paint will be best for your garage door. Remember with paint prep work is key.

Vinyl planks can be a great accent for a room that’s kind of bland. Whether it’s a whole wall or just on something small, it can give a room a nice flare. They are also very cheap and have many different applications.

This can be as simple as replacing the cabinet pulls and door handles. If you want to do more than that you can also replace hinges on the cabinets and doors. Many times old hardware will be dull and scratched or have paint from previous paint jobs on them. Replacing them with new modern hardware can improve the whole look of your house.


If you do plan to sell your home upgrades like these can be just the thing your house needs. HoweverHealth Fitness Articles, if you don’t want to spend any time and money upgrading your home Savvi Buys Houses can help. We will buy your house As-Is and we close quick. We take care of all closing costs and since there are no real estate agents you won’t have to pay any commissions. We make the process fast and easy. Start by giving us a call or submit your info below and we’ll help guide you through your options.

The Installation Of The Cork Wall Tiles In Your House And Its Benefits

The walls are very sensitive in every part of the house. There are materials that are used on the walls that will match with the theme of the house. The interior look of the house is contributed to the look that is on the floor and on the walls

Cork wall tiles installation needs one to have a guide that is to be used. This is to help the person not to mess with any process. The temperature and the humidity that is found when one is installing should be relative. This is to prevent the cork tiles from expanding and contracting at any time during the installation of the tiles.

It is always advisable to get the help of an architect when installing the cork wall tiles as they will be able to follow the guide to the point. The tiles are packed in cartons which need to be handled in a careful way but the best thing about the cork tiles is that they do not break easily like the ceramic ones. The pattern that is to be used looks like the natural shade that the trees provide. It should be fitted in a way that there will be room for expansion when the temperatures are very high. This is because cork is known to expand naturally when the temperatures are high. When there is no room that is left for the purpose of expansion the cork tiles makes the walls to have a bad and ugly look when the temperatures are very high destroying the pattern definition that is always there.

What is cork flooring?

Cork flooring the use of a natural product that comes from the bank of the oak tree. Customers who have been using it have experienced the benefits that are attached to them.

The benefits of cork flooring

Cork flooring benefits are more than the money that is used in their installation and their purchase. The installation process is very easy and quick as one has a guide that is provided by the manufacturers. Being a natural product it is more durable as it is compared to other type of tiles. There is no sound that is produced by the tiles when they have been installed in the proper way. One enjoys the silence when he or she is sleeping or relaxing in the house. The noise makes the house to be unbearable and boring to stay in. there are those people who love sitting on the floor. When one has installed the tiles he or she is able to enjoy the comfort that comes with them as they are not rough. The cooling effect that the tiles have has made many people to go for them as even children who are crawling will move on them in a very easier way. The environment that is found in that home is very healthy due to the use of the natural product. The tiles are easy to be maintained as their cleaning is very easy. The warmth that these tiles have makes the house to be warm during cold seasons.

Are You Looking To Obtain A Bachelor Business Degree Online


Exactly where would our society be without business? Without business today, there would be no retail stores, restaurants, banks or other types of industry. What makes the concepts of present day profitable business world work today is proper management. A general or particular market bachelor business degree provides the knowledge of business ideas from communications and research to management and values. These and other ideas are what make a business successful.Results in business is extremely wanted by business owners and executives. For this reason they have a tendency to hire individuals with bachelors and masters degrees. If a person has experience in a specific field and a higher degree in business they are the most likely to be hired in a high paying position. This is a valid reason to head back to school to obtain that business degree.Degrees in the business venue can cause supervisory positions in various sectors. General business degrees will help you get a career as an inventory control manager, financial adviser, hotel management, property management and other fields. A bachelor business degree can also allow you to start your own personal company and become an entrepreneur. How do you get a degree in business?You can go to school on campus, take a correspondence course or consider on the internet business programs to get your degree. Internet education is extremely well-liked today and it offers you versatility to help you continue working while you get your education. Another benefit may be the ability to work at your personal pace toward your degree. When you are considering online college be sure you choose from top rated, accredited schools.There are many advantages to getting your business degree through an accredited online school. It upgrades your education, uncovers more doors for jobs, provides a higher cash flow and shows you business problem-solving and time-management just to name a few advantages. Additionally , it gives you the benefit of having your training in the comfort of you home where there’s little to no pressure.Age isn’t an issue when it comes to obtaining your education. It’s never too late to get your bachelor business degree. This is because of the range of career choices at your disposal. Even if you are older and planning on retirement you can still use it to start your own business. A degree gives you more credibility in your field to your clients.Obtaining your bachelor business degree on the internet is well worth the cost. It will save you a lot of cash over time since you are not paying for extraneous bills such as gas or room and board. You also save your time since it is just a few steps to your computer instead of walking across campus or driving to school to get to class.It is simple to get your online degree in business and begin a new career or progress within your present job. You may be capable of getting some school funding to complete getting the degree or see if your company provides tuition for furthering your education. If you do not qualify for either of these types of choices, stop worrying since most online schools offer financing options.

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Distinctive Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Austin

Not happy with your old bathroom? Many homeowners in Austin and neighboring areas are not satisfied with the looks of their bathrooms and want to remodel it.

Mostly their remodeling needs revolve around conversion of old bathtubs to showers, replacement of shower pans or replacement of bathroom wall surfaces that have become old and worn out.

The bathroom remodeling process is very simple. All that homeowners need to do is call up an installation expert to visit their homes and do an assessment/ estimation of the work involved. Based on the needs and the budget of the homeowner, an assessment of the work is done and an estimate presented to the homeowner that includes a description of the process that is involved, time required for completion and the price and associated warranty. Once the estimate is accepted, the work begins and is completed in a timely way.

Sometimes homeowners have preferences for specific brands/ products of different manufacturers and the installation company arranges to order these products on behalf of the homeowners. In such instances it might take a few days for the material to arrive before work can begin.

For homeowners, the selection of an installation company is a matter of importance and it is recommended that homeowners arrive at a decision after having evaluated the installation company on the following criteria:

–    Years of experience in the business.

–    Whether they have own staff or work with sub-contracted labor?

–    Whether they have certified plumbers on their staff?

–    Can they provide references?

–    What is the period of Warranty that they provide?

–    How fast is their response time to complaints?

–    Are they dealers or distributors of branded bathroom and kitchen plumbing products?

–    Is their pricing competitive?

Most installation companies put forward their best feet when reaching out to homeowners. Displaying their understanding of customer needs, providing them excellent options and ideas, being prompt in customer service and agreeing to provide lifetime warranty on not only the products but the workmanship also, are some of the selling points that mostly work in winning a deal. Pricing no doubt is important but having experienced and certified plumbers on staff and therefore charging a premium on price is another selling point that works favorably in the minds of the homeowners.

Homeowners therefore need to be careful when making a choice. Having done an initial homework on these parameters, homeowners should shortlist at least 2 or 3 installation companies in and around Austin, compare their offers, talk to their references and then finally make a selection.

Remodeling of a bathroom is usually completed in a few days. Sometimes, the work can be carried out in a matter of one or two days only if it just involves conversion of a bathtub to a shower or if it requires replacement of a shower pan. HoweverFind Article, this work may also stretch to a few days if there is either a complexity involved in the work; or in case ordered products take longer to arrive.

The popularity India news is getting day by day


In India, people are nowadays gung ho about the current affairs and happenings. They want to know more and more about the vents of the nation. The public is very much interested to express their views and thoughts regarding various subject matters of the state and country as well. That is the main reason why most of the people are up to date with India news. News as we all know is delivered to us by television, radio, internet, newspapers and other forms of mass communication.  All the types of latest news India is featured on television news channels, news blogs, newspapers, etc. even the minutest of information is hammered and is shown as breaking news India especially on television. Since people nowadays lead a very boring busy and monotonous life, it is not possible for an individual to sit in front of the idiot box 24×7. Also, on television, India news is shown with lots of advertisements which interrupt the viewers. Therefore, most of the people prefer going online and watch all the information that is available without any interruption. This also helps in saving a lot of time. Checking out news online is of tremendous help and can b done from anywhere and at anytime. Online news provides you with the most recent and latest news India. These online news updates are updated in every couple of minutes and therefore the viewers get to see fresh hot off the press news. There are chock-full of news websites which can be accessed at the same time. These websites offer breaking news India. Nobody prefers to wait until the next morning for the newspaper guy to get newspaper. Till then the fresh news becomes stale people want to know instantly about the current affairs of the country so that they can also share and raise their views against certain opinions. Thus, participation of people plays a key role when it comes to India news. In India news is gaining a lot of popularity and is in demand among the masses these days. This is because there is a general awakening amongst the people. They want to do something for their country and want to stand up for their nation so that there is prosperity all around. India news is not only famous in India itself, but also amongst people abroad. Everyone is keen on knowing the current affairs of our nation.



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What Types of Home Maintenance / Repair Can You Do Yourself?


Doing maintenance / repair for your home whenever possible is a good way to avoid paying the heavy cost of a home contractor. But there are certain jobs that you should not tackle by yourself, unless you are actually a professional.In some instances the local building code may prohibit anyone but a licensed contractor from doing the work. In other cases, even though it may be legal, it isn’t worth taking a chance on trying to fix something that might endanger your home, or even your life.A good example of this would be fixing gas appliances. How many people know that most gas connections are threaded backwards to the usual direction? It isn’t “righty-tighty”, its “righty-loosey”! Little things like that make it a good idea for you to bite the bullet and call a skilled and licensed gas repairman.Electrical repairs fall under two classes. Some are simple enough that most of us have performed them ourselves at least once – like replacing a defective plug in a lamp. There are electrical plugs that are made specifically for the do-it-yourselfer that don’t even require a screwdriver to connect.And there are tasks like changing the power supply for your television set that should be left to a TV technician, if you can locate one nowadays. And replacing faulty wiring in your walls is not a task that most people would like to try. An electrical contractor not only has the experience, he has tools that most of us don’t want to buy for ourselves.There are many types of home maintenance / repair tasks that can be easily done by the typical home owner. A couple of examples should be enough to get you thinking about what you can do in your own home.1. Painting: I don’t think there’s anyone who has not used a paint brush or roller at least one time in their life. Even though it might not be what you like to do best, and is normally kind of a messy job, it’s one way that you can easily save yourself the cost of a home contractor.2. Cleaning: I’m not talking about dusting and mopping here. What I mean is more like a thorough “spring cleaning” of certain areas of your home that could deteriorate badly if left alone for too long. Your cabinets and shelves, for example, could undoubtedly benefit. Don’t just wipe them off – take them down, and even take them apart, so the joints can have the grime thoroughly washed off. You’ll be amazed at how new they’ll look when you’re finished!Staying on top of what you are able to do for your own home maintenance / repair will not just keep you busy on the weekends, it will definitely be good for both your home and for your wallet. Check out the paragraph below for more great ideas about keeping your home in good shape.

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The article has shown you two types of home maintenance / repair projects that  you can likely do on your own, and save the cost of paying a professional contractor. Wouldn’t you like to learn about more jobs you could do? Take a look at Ezra’s website, Home Maintanance / Repair and start making yourself a list of what you could be doing right now.

Home Remodeling as a Way to Raise its Value

Home remodeling is an effective way not only to improve the conditions of the house but also its value. If you’re going to sell a house for a profitable for you price perform home remodeling and achieve your goal.

To get more from the sale is the owner’s natural desire, so we suggest exploring different ways to help make the deal more profitable.

What Aspects the House-Owner Can Affect

The owner will not be able to change the location of the apartment, the view from the window or the infrastructure, but there are factors by changing which, the cost of the apartment can be increased by a solid sum of money.
Make a home remodeling and improve the conditions of the house. In resolving this issue, it is worth considering:
• 1) the general condition of the housing (defects, malfunction and deterioration of communications and surfaces);
• 2) property location;
• 3) terms of selling the house;
• 4) real estate market situation.

Remodeling Before Sale: Pros and Cons Rate Each of These Factors.

If the remodeling was performed many years 30 years ago, the wallpaper began to move away from the walls, the floor creaks and plumbing flows, then the renovation will increase the liquidity of the house and appreciate its value.
If remodeling is performed well be sure the price of your house will be increased too. If you are going to sell your home expensively and in shortest terms then home remodeling is advisable. It will help you win the competitive struggle among other house-owners in your area who are striving to sell the houses like yours.

How to Implement Home Remodeling

If you need a solid renovation, you should not choose the original interior design with bright shades and non-standard shapes. Neutral tones and budget materials will be optimal. When planning a home improvement, you should not start thorough alterations. Change only what is old and makes a repulsive impression. To give the house a neat and neutral look, use fresh paint, inexpensive wallpaper, change switch sockets and taps.

Make windows and doors operational – a poorly functioning lock is likely to be remembered when discussing purchase conditions. A good remodeling can add to the price of the apartment.

Put the House In Order

Put in order an apartment. A house with odds and ends, a layer of dust or clutter will reduce a number of buyers. And even they will try to bargain. Make your home bright, spacious and clean. Remove scattered and unnecessary things (books, toys, dishes), take out the old trash, do a big cleaning up.
Old furniture and other worn interior items should be thrown out or repaired. Otherwise, the potential buyer will think about how to deal with all this after the purchase. He won’t be sure that these difficulties are needed at all. In this case, you do not need to take out all the furniture, leaving bare walls – the rooms should look residential.

How to Prepare House For Sale

Plumbing needs special attention. Yellow stains on the bathtub, a crack on the toilet or rusty taps will convince the potential buyer that the the object is a bit overpriced. Remove all aesthetic defects in advance and take care of the plumbing to work properly.
Create a neutral background. Nothing should distract a potential buyer from trying to “try on an apartment for yourself.” Especially in this regard, objects that indicate the residence of other people here interfere. These are personal photographs, icons, letters, posters, busts of politicians, a collection of souvenirs, an unmade bed or dirty dishes in the sink.

How to Plan Buyers Visits

A large number of households can also worsen the impression of an apartment – let them take a walk at this time. Inappropriate smells also do not contribute to a positive image of the apartment, so plan buyers’ visits and cooking for different parts of the day. The only exception is the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or pastries. Smells or the very presence of pets may not be enjoyable for the potential buyer.

Take the cat or dog to relatives, remove the tray, animal toys, as well as traces of wool. In most cases, minimal ventilation and a freshener with a pleasant and light smell will be enough to create a cozy atmosphere.

Services of realtors and real estate agencies: the basic list If the owner does not have time for pre-sale preparation, you can contact a real estate broker too.

Add Decor

You can enhance the impression of a clean and clean apartment with a few simple decor elements. These include landscapes and still-life paintings, a vase of fruit, flowers in a small vase and several indoor plants. You can also update the curtain in the bathroom and change covers on decorative pillows.

Take high-quality photos. An offer for sale of an apartment accompanied by several high-quality photos attracts increased attention. Correctly set light, a good foreshortening and a competently arranged frame increase the attractiveness of the apartment.

Take photos after remodeling and / or cleaning, adding decor, before placing the advertisement. No dark or blurry imagesArticle Submission, mirror owners or total mess. And most importantly – the photographs must match what the buyer sees when they come to view
Be sure professional home remodeling will help you sell your house for a profitable price.

The Best Way to Get Affordable Home Remodeling Services


It is a fair trade, that is what some business minded person would say, but not all home remodeling contractors created equally.  You can find many home builders offers lucrative price however, not all can deliver the right home remodeling services that you are seeking.  Though the first thing in mind would be to look for the number of years but new business emerging with innovations used that surpasses the old ones in terms of technological design and advancements of layouts and other stuff.   The kitchen room and deck additions, bathroom remodeling and other stuff are just to name the few where most home remodeling companies focus their campaign on.  Throughout the years, clients look for a certain standard when hiring for a contractor.  These five tips can help you save money and avoid headaches.  1.Theory to Practice With the downward trend real estate is behaving nowadays, many general contractors are flocking to the home remodeling industry.  The transition from new home construction seems natural enough, but the principles are not necessarily the same.  Make sure that the company you chose believes in something and understands both the theory and practice of home renovation.  Remodeling contractors should not only be eager to compete for your project, but they must also be able to let you know if a particular upgrade may not be best for your home.  2.Experience  Unlike most industries, experience in home remodeling does not mean you will have to pay more.  Experience shows the longevity of a business, and means that the company or contractor is more than a fly by night operation.  Experienced home remodeling contractors are more likely to give an accurate period for completion and estimate.  It also means that the contractor has a set of established subcontractors that they can trust to provide the best services to their clients.  3.References  Do not just fall for a fancy website or advertisement when it comes to selecting a remodeling contractor get references.  Your home is your investment, so ask to see actual images of kitchen remodeling projects, bathroom remodeling projects, deck additions, room additions, and so on.  Getting reference from a friend gives a plus to a certain company in terms of trust and caution.  A lot of uncertainty in the market, one way to lessen it is by asking some friends who had undergone successful home remodeling services.  Many remodeling contractors will be able to provide a list of past and current clients that you may contact.  Some also carry a physical or electronic portfolio of work they have completed.  4.Follow Up Any home owner willing to invest thousands of dollars into a home remodeling project should expect the contractor to follow up 3, 6, and 12 months following project completion.  Time has a way of creating an impact over reputation and construction materials and revealing unexpected flaws.   By hiring an experienced home remodeling services, you can trust that the company will be around if issues do arise.  The process of home remodeling involves building to meet specific building codes and regulations.  A good contractor understands the full scope of the project, and not just the hammer and nails.  They are familiar with city or area codes and ordinances that may affect project completion.  The best way you can accommodate all this to an affordable services from home builders is a good bargaining skills.  You may think that the prices or quotas comes with a fixed price, however if you can bring something good to the table like encouraging your friend or family to get theory services from them and maybe you can cut them some slack and save a few bucks for other expenses as well. 



P. Palungus, a home builder under the company of  Total home Construction,, based in
Long Island providing home remodeling and basement renovations services for ten
years now.  His goal is to serve
customers with the utmost respect, as well as to provide the highest in quality
service, and workmanship for their project. 

Common Ideas To Save Money On Home Renovation

Deciding on home renovation can be complicated. There are so many aspects to be considered, and at the same time, you might want to achieve something more that you already have within a pre-decided budget. Let’s start by saying that home renovation projects can be different and varied, especially with regards to scale and expectations, and therefore, it makes sense to take a few tips. Read on to find some of the important aspects that matter the most.

Start with an evaluation

First things first, you have to decide on what you need and expect. For this, you will have to evaluate the current state of your property and find the major flaws and issues that need attention. Once you have the list, you can then start with the new list of things that should be included in the renovation project. Don’t be too fast with this step though, because most of the other things will depend on the scale of the project.

Know what you can afford

Not everyone invests in custom residential architecture, but with a great design team at work, you can achieve a lot more. It isn’t a good idea to set a budget based on whimsical ideas. Instead, you should hire a company that specializes in the same. Many people believe that DIY approach is the best way to save money, but unless you have experience in handling projects, you may end up spending much more than expected. To set a budget, ask a design company to give you a complete plan, with all the options. This will help you in a big way to deal with the finances.

Look ahead

Home renovation should yield the right results. Depending on your needs, try to consider the future expectations from the house. Will the kids need new rooms? What about an added patio? Do you want to change and design the theme of the interiors? If yes, what are the new objectives you have for the furniture and design concepts? These are just some of the smaller things that must be decided in advance. If you are expanding beyond the initial budget, you may need a loan. Consider how you can deal with the financial shuffle. Can you pay the repayments on time? How about installments? Check all these aspects before taking the leap.

Lastly, don’t miss on hiring the right contractor. There are all kinds of design services that can also take up the contracting job, and hence, these services may seem economical. For home renovation, it makes sense to choose a company that’s experienced and well known, so that you can be assured of the final results. Sometimes, a company may charge a tad high for their services, but often they can help in saving more, as there will be a dedicated timeline for the work and no wastage of time and resources. Check online to find some of the known names in business in your areaBusiness Management Articles, and don’t miss on asking all the questions you have!