Expository Essays

Expository essays are a kind of essays in which the writer does not have to write entirely his own essay, but has to explain or describe the essay written by someone else, or to explain a thing which is created by another person. An Expository essay is not an argument or criticism on the topic you choose, but it is a detailed analysis to expose or explain the topic with ground facts.

The reasons for making students write an Expository essay is to enhance and improve their writing skills and to groom their analytical intellect. In every career, there is a need of critically analyzing and understanding the ideas, objects, events, written works, processes etc.

While writing your Expository essay you have to make sure not to put your personal opinions into it. There is a mere requirement of explaining what the thing is (about the topic you choose) in a broader picture.

You could do it well if you keep in mind the reader’s perspective and the type of audience who would read your essay. Focus on the core idea of your topic; describe it further so that your reader understands it easily. Support it with facts and reasons which have already been mentioned in the writing, or in the research you make before writing your essay.

The format of the essay remains the same as of a general essay having an introduction, the middle paragraphs and the conclusion. Develop your thesis statement in the introduction which gives a brief idea about your essay and links it further to the next paragraph. Proper citation and format are important. Use the citation and format which your teacher has required.

While you write your essay, use the analysis or the research of the topic which you have done before writing. After completing the writing part, a very important task which the students usually skip is the revision. You would always make some changes when you first read your written essay. Proper punctuation, grammar, precision of words and vocabulary are a few of the things you would make changes for.

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Interactive Educational Tools For Children

Even though the concept of education stays the same, the method is fleeting. Children, as young as they are, have brains that can be compared to as sponges — they absorb everything they see and hear. With their creativity and curiosity, diligence on the part of teachers and parents can help in molding a brilliant child. Although children learn fast, it does not follow that the rate of learning is the same. The undeniable truth is that a child learns according to his own pace. Some may pick up lessons faster than the others. Teaching should never be used with a one size fits all technique.

Teachers have different approach to teaching. Their approach is based upon their character. Some have the passion to teach, while others simply do it for the job. In that regard, whether you are a passionate teacher or a teacher by heart, it is important to determine the learning needs of the children being taught.

The help of educational tools can also go a long way. While there may be different teaching skills, there are also different learning tools that the children of the future can rely upon.

Some people have observed that as technology advances, the intelligence of children advances as well. If you have noticed, lessons that were once taught at 8 years old are now being introduced to 6-year-olds. With this great advancement in children’s intelligence, the technology needs to keep up as well. So, here are some educational tools that can be a great help in molding the future intelligence of children:

CD’s and DVD’s

In the olden days, we have been used to looking at pictures of encyclopedias and other hardbound references. There are soft copies of these which have been burned in either CD’s, DVD’s and other forms.

Indeed, these are much easier to handle, store, and see. With its alluring pictures, the features are really impressive. In fact, some of it comes with music, too.


Television is a great learning tool that can broaden the knowledge of children. Unlike before when cartoon characters do nothing but fight, modern animated characters shown on television these days actually teach the child while giving them some fun.

Internet-based Tool

There are internet-based tool in the World Wide Web which are focused on giving children choices between learning, playing, and drawing. There are those which can teach math to a child as young as 4 years old. As a matter of fact, the variety of choices is practically endless — from storytelling (reading), solving problems, art, there are so many subjects to choose from. Once you put all of these together, the child will become brighter.

Children learn according to their preferences. There is no saying whether a tool can work if it has not been tried. But, keep in mind that aside from the cognitive skills of children, they still need to learn how to interact with other people. Keeping the balance between learning, playing, and socializing should be noted especially if their brain is still developing.

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School Badges

The purpose of School Badges within the educational setting

Metal or plastic, round, triangular or square, School Badges come in many guises and they have significant meaning to the school children who adorn the items on their clothing. Many of them feel fiercely proud of the school that they attend and will happily wear their School Badge with pride. Blazers are often emblazoned with School Badges and children that are  laced in positions of responsibility are often given prefect badges or peer mentor buttons to show they have adopted a position of trust.

Designs of School Badges

This can vary from one learning establishment to the next but there are a number of popular designs that seem to be favoured in a wide majority of schools. A School Badge that has ‘prefect’ written on the front of it can mimic the shape of the school crest and there are plenty of colour options that can be selected from a wide stock range.

Special collections of shield badges can be purchased to be given out to players on sporting teams in recognition of their individual  ontribution. It can be a proud moment when you are handed a School Badge which shows you are an essential part of the football, cricket, netball or basketball team.

Titles for School Badges

There’s plenty of options to choose from with regards to titles and as well as traditional versions that have ‘prefect’, ‘head boy’ or ‘head girl’ upon them, the humble School Badge can now have ‘buddy’, ‘playground mediator’ or ‘class leader’ upon them. Schools can keep up to date with the latest designs by looking online at badge suppliers who sell boxes of badges to educational establishments around the country.

Suppliers of School Badges

Many suppliers will provide a free sample of a School Badge and they are happy to send you an item from their stock list if they think you’ll place a hearty order with their company. Once you receive the free sample you can examine the quality of the School Badge to see if it will be suitable to hand out within your educational establishment.

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