School Badges

The purpose of School Badges within the educational setting

Metal or plastic, round, triangular or square, School Badges come in many guises and they have significant meaning to the school children who adorn the items on their clothing. Many of them feel fiercely proud of the school that they attend and will happily wear their School Badge with pride. Blazers are often emblazoned with School Badges and children that are  laced in positions of responsibility are often given prefect badges or peer mentor buttons to show they have adopted a position of trust.

Designs of School Badges

This can vary from one learning establishment to the next but there are a number of popular designs that seem to be favoured in a wide majority of schools. A School Badge that has ‘prefect’ written on the front of it can mimic the shape of the school crest and there are plenty of colour options that can be selected from a wide stock range.

Special collections of shield badges can be purchased to be given out to players on sporting teams in recognition of their individual  ontribution. It can be a proud moment when you are handed a School Badge which shows you are an essential part of the football, cricket, netball or basketball team.

Titles for School Badges

There’s plenty of options to choose from with regards to titles and as well as traditional versions that have ‘prefect’, ‘head boy’ or ‘head girl’ upon them, the humble School Badge can now have ‘buddy’, ‘playground mediator’ or ‘class leader’ upon them. Schools can keep up to date with the latest designs by looking online at badge suppliers who sell boxes of badges to educational establishments around the country.

Suppliers of School Badges

Many suppliers will provide a free sample of a School Badge and they are happy to send you an item from their stock list if they think you’ll place a hearty order with their company. Once you receive the free sample you can examine the quality of the School Badge to see if it will be suitable to hand out within your educational establishment. are specialist suppliers of School Badges . If you’re looking for a School Badge we have a range of to suit your requirements; visit us for more information.