Renovating and Remodeling an Attic

If you want some extra space
to live in, storage spaces like the attic are the perfect place to start from.
You can turn that attic into a playroom, a bedroom, a library, an office or a

Checking the amount of space that you can convert should be the first thing you
do at the beginning of your project. If you want to avoid getting bruises and
bumps to your head, you should make sure that all walls have a minimum height
that will allow you to walk around freely.

When the wall height isn’t big enough, you have the option to convert the roof
into an upward slope, or to change it and make it a gable roof.

If your house is too old, you might want to consider strengthening the joists
of the ceiling. These joists will take the role of supporting the extra weight
that you put in the attic, like TV’s, beds, couches or anything else you might
want to put there.

Renovating and remodeling your attic also means that you should make sure that
the ventilation, insulation and lighting are properly designed into the plan.
Add extra layers to make sure that the temperature is good and the insulation
appropriate. Air ducts might be another good idea if you want the temperature
to be controlled. Adding windows and maybe a skylight can take care of the
lighting in the room, while also decreasing your electric bill.

If you want to add a bathroom in that space, make sure you connect it to the
source that is closest.

Something else that needs addressed is how easy it is to access the attic, and
that is done best by installing a staircase. In the case of a staircase that is
straight, its size should be 3 by 16 feet. If you choose a staircase that is in
spiral, the diameter should be 5 feet. Using a ladder is not allowed if you’re
putting a bedroom in the attic, but if you’re making a loft it’s OK.

Talk with an architect or with the building inspector if you’re not entirely
sure if the renovation or remodeling of the attic is possible. If it can be
done, start doing the plans for it and go to a contractor when it comes time to
actually do it.

Finding a good contractor means that you should contact a few of them. Try
comparing the rates, while also checking out their history and background. The
good contractors need to have people that are licensed to do the job. If their
client history is good and they have insurance, you should put them on your

Because you’re renovating or remodeling such a small part of your house, the
costs shouldn’t be too large. When you’re done with the renovationArticle Search, you will
see how right you were to do it and how much better it looks.