Redefine Your Prefinished Floors With Prefinished Floors Refinishing NJ

Prefinished floors refinishing NJ offer flooring services to refinish your weathered, torn and aged prefinished floors. There are different types of prefinished floors such as laminated prefinished wood and engineered prefinished wood. Please take note that some of these types of prefinished floors cannot be refinished since they are not made of real wood.

It is the solid prefinished wood that can be sanded and stained if ever the need arises. A prefinished solid wood has a 5mm wear layer which can be sanded and stained several times during its lifetime. What most people believe is that prefinished floors cannot be sanded or refinished because of the nature of how they were manufactured.

Prefinished floors refinishing NJ use a special machine for sanding prefinished floors. All their wood technicians are experts and knowledgeable in the work they do and they only use quality wood products to get the job done right. You’ll be surprised how amazingly new and beautiful your prefinished floor looks after the work has been done.

If you are concerned that your prefinished floor might incur damage during the refinishing process, you should consider prefinished floors refinishing NJ. They do not start working on your prefinished floor until they have surveyed it and assessed it if it is capable of repair and refinishing.The quality of the wood used for a prefinished floor affects the outcome of refinishing. There are prefinished floors that are made of very thin wood and needs really great care when refinishing. If the prefinished wood cannot be refinished, their wood experts will advise you on other ways to have a new flooring system that suits your budget.

Prefinished floors refinishing NJ guarantees that you will have the same glory of your prefinished floor the first time you installed it and will cost lesser than the installation price. Sanding a prefinished floor does not take that long because of the special equipment that they are using. You may also choose the color of your prefinished floor during refinishing. There are plenty of shades to choose from so your floor will blend with your home d├ęcor.

After the job is done, your floor will look as if it is newly installed. What makes floor refinishing awful are the V-grooves that appear between the boards. This is mostly common in refinished floors but with the technology, proper equipment and expertise of prefinished floors refinishing NJ, your prefinished floors will be very even and really flat. When the finishing is applied, you get a really smooth surface, with gloss and shine that makes it stunning and glamorous.

The reason many prefinished floors end up with cracks and creases is because they are not fully assessed and evaluated before they underwent refinishing. Remember that any type of wood has a limit on how many times it can be sanded. If it has reached its limit, you must not push further as you may just damage the floor further. Prefinished floors refinishing NJ can help you refinish your prefinished floor without having to break them.

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