Refinishing Hardwood Floors: The DIY Process

Improving the different features of your home is a necessity to maintaining your house’s value, though doing so may require a lot of energy and time on your part. Refinishing hardwood floors in your house, for example, will give your home the upgrade that it needs without needing you to replace your floors altogether.

There is no doubt that refinishing your floors will require an extra amount of discipline from you. For this reason, most people choose to have the job done by a professional. However, doing so will also require you to shell out more money than you need to. You can save yourself from spending more than you want to by doing the refinishing job yourself. After all, it only involves a very simple process that will yield you results that will be better than what you expect.

The secret to being successful at refinishing hardwood floors lies in performing the process in the right time. Ideally, you should refinish your floors once they have started to show signs of aging.

Start the process by acquiring all the materials that you will need for the job. This includes the following: a floor edger, a buffer, a drum sander, a putty knife, a scraper, a sanding material, and different protection gear (like mask and gloves).

Because sanding may take a big part of your wooden flooring off, make sure that you do the sanding process as lightly as you can. You may exert extra force on the areas where cracks are apparent, in order to even the area out.

After sanding the whole area of, you may now use your choice of polish to restore the shine on your floors. There are different waxes that are designed specifically for tasks like this. Make sure that you choose the right type of wax that is suitable for the type of material used for your floorings.

Make sure that you maintain the right temperature in the room all throughout the whole refinishing process. Because you will be removing the topmost area off of your floorings, it will be more susceptible to contracting or expanding. Control the temperature to avoid incurring any untoward damage.

Since it is unlikely that you will need to perform the same task in the future, you better choose to borrow the necessary equipments if you do not own them yourself. This way, you will be able to save more money on your refinishing task.

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