Home Business Lead: A Website Design For Today Will Build Your MLM Lead List

With today’s information super-highway, most people are protecting themselves against outbound marketing sources using technology. The result is that inbound marketing has become far more appealing. It allows you to reach more people and attract many more home business leads, at a much lower cost.

So many websites are focused on appearance, rather than intentions. They’re billboards in the desert. If you are unable to grow a MLM lead list as a result of insufficient traffic, what’s the point of an attractive looking website?

Many business owners opt to revamp their websites for the wrong reasons e.g. want to include the latest look or bored of the old look. But the correct reasons for a redesign are to enhance your exposure so you get seen by additional prospects and to convert these MLM business leads into distributors. Thus, your business website’s single objective is to build your MLM lead list.

3 Essentials To A Winning Website Redesign That Will Increase Your MLM Lead List

1. Get Seen By Prospects

Use inbound marketing to get found by providing worthy content, optimizing your site for search engines and marketing your content through social media sites.

Content drives visitors. Search engines love fresh content and so do visitors, resulting in more home business leads and growing your MLM lead list. You can create fresh content in the form of blog posts, podcasts, videos, presentations, ebooks, press releases and paid advertising.

2. Convert Your MLM Business Lead

Since the objective of your website is home business lead generation, the point is to translate your visitors into MLM business leads. Ensure your landing page is particular to your target market. Have an enticing call to action to convince your visitors to give their details, and so build your MLM lead list. The best way to do this is to give something of significance to your prospects for free. Everyone loves something for free, right?

3. Evaluate Your Redesign Results

Your website redesign must deliver a measurable return on investment (ROI). Make sure you identify your current website performance stats so you know what your minimum benchmark measurements are for the redesign.

Establish your home business lead generation goals ahead of a redesign and rate the outcome of your redesign versus prior performances.

Useful Ideas For A Successful Website Redesign Process

1. Take stock of your website assets e.g. content, ebooks, inbound links, keyword rankings, conversions. Secure those assets that are worthy. HubSpot has free trial offers to help you with this.
2. Use your resources on creating good content, in preference to designing a beautiful website. Whilst a good looking website is important, good content trumps a beautiful design.
3. Test various approaches to establish what works e.g. position of opt-in box, background colors, landing pages etc. Keep these tests straightforward and easy to measure. Don’t try to measure everything on your website. Choose 3 to 5 significant business metrics and focus on testing these. Usually for a home business lead generation website these metrics are traffic, leads and sign-ups.

Continually bear in mind that the key objective of your website is a home business lead generation tool that’s central focus is to develop your MLM lead list with quality MLM business leads. When redesigning or even initially designing your website, appeal to the wants of your target market, and not yours.

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Retaining the services of a certified Professional Home Stager can be an invaluable investment. Trained to look at a home through the eyes of the average buyer, a Home Stager will provide sellers with recommendations on how best to present their homes so that they will attract the broadest number of buyers.

Through Home Staging, focus will be placed on the positive features of the home, thereby leaving the buyer with a favorable impression of the home.

First, the Home Stager will conduct a thorough evaluation of the home’s exterior and interior, room-by-room. The seller will then be provided with a comprehensive, written report containing very specific recommendations that, once implemented, will result in a residence that will have mass appeal.

The detailed suggestions may include activities including painting, repairs, de-cluttering, re-accessorizing spaces, furniture arranging, and landscaping, among others.

If home sellers want maximum value and a fast sale, it is critical that their homes are professionally presented to buyers. Home staging will do just this. Having a home stand out from the competition, conveying that “wow” factor to the prospective buyer, is the ultimate goal of the Home Stager.

Well-known in various parts of the country as “the secret weapon of real estate,” Home Staging is just starting to come into its own in the eastern part of the United States. As the inventory of homes grows larger and the sluggish housing market grows increasingly more competitive, Home Staging is gaining popularity among realtors and home sellers.

As the market tightens, the services of Home Stagers are being sought out by home sellers and realtors as a way in which to effectively compete in the competitive housing market.

One very important point to remember: The cost of hiring a Home Stager will likely be much less then the average price reduction taken on a listing!

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