Wood Floors: A Dirty Job For a Clean Finish

Installing a wood floor in a home is a great way to improve upon the value and look of a home, old or new. But not only can wood flooring installation be somewhat costly and a little time consuming, it can also be a messy process if not prepared for properly.

When considering what kind of mess a homeowner can expect during wood flooring installation, it’s best to first consider all the steps involved in the process.

First of all, preparing for a wood flooring installation often includes tearing up the old floor (carpeting, linoleum, etc.). All of these processes can be messy, but carpeting is often thought of to be the worst due to the dust and containments that build up underneath.

Either way, along with tearing up the old floor, there’s the task of disposing of the old, waste materials properly. Once that is done, the old floor needs to be cleaned entirely, as the least bit of dust or containments can tarnish the wood flooring installation or the end results of the process.

Before doing any of this, and especially before the actual installation process itself, it is a good idea to hang “dust curtains” on adjacent rooms. Essentially, taping or stapling pieces of plastic tarp over the doorways of other rooms will keep floating dust and containments from traveling to other parts of the house.

Anyone working in the house should always wear a dust mask while sanding or cleaning. It’s also a good, common-sense idea to keep all the windows in the area open as much as possible.

Another precaution you can take that will reduce the mess made inside a home is to provide a good outdoor workspace. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself project or one done by contractors, a good outdoor workspace will provide fresh air for the craftsman and easy clean-up of the inevitable sawdust.

Of course, once the wood floors are installed, any further sanding will be done inside, and that’s where the dust curtains come in handy. Aside from dust curtains, it’s important to remove any and all possible items from the room where the wood floors are being installed, including curtains or drapes and anything hanging on the walls. If, for finishing purposes, the project requires sanding, everything in the area and surrounding rooms will be covered in sawdust.

It’s also possible, in some cases, that the subfloor will also require sanding. It is imperative that the subfloor be not only clean, but also completely smooth.

Baseboards will need to be dusted as well when the project is finished, assuming the homeowner hasn’t chosen to replace those, too. Even ceiling fans will collect sawdust and will need to be cleaned once the room is completed.

In the end, clean up following a wood-flooring installation requires little more than a few hours of hard work, a feather duster and a good vacuum. And remember, the more that can be done outside, (i.e. cutting and sizing boards), the less mess inside. Outside sawdust is nothing a good rainstorm can’t fix.

Once cleanup has taken place, a homeowner can begin reaping the benefits of easier maintenance that comes with hardwood floors. Unlike carpeting, wood floors don’t harbor dust and containments, and don’t retain stains. Most wood floors can be swept or vacuumed, and mopped with warm water and gentle soap.

A little bit of grit is worth the immaculate finish that follows.

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How to Keep Your Wood Floors Looking Like New

Right after a flooring Ottawa company comes out and installs your new floors, they are sure to look absolutely amazing. Few people plan on letting their wood floors become scuffed up and unattractive; unfortunately, that usually happens through carelessness and due to poor maintenance and upkeep. If you think that caring for wood floors is cumbersome or time consuming, though, think again. The reality is that small, simple steps can be used to keep hardwood flooring in Ottawa looking like new. The following basic tips can help you keep your hardwood floors looking great, year after year.

Sweep Daily

Invest in a decent broom and use it regularly on your flooring. Ottawa retailers sell a wide array of great brooms that are designed specifically for hardwood floors. Whisk brooms are the most efficient tools for sweeping wood floors; however, you should buy whisk brooms with rubber fibers to avoid inadvertently causing scratches.

In addition to using a traditional whisk broom, you should keep a microfiber broom at the ready, too. These brooms have soft cloth-like material that pulls microscopic dust and other debris up off of the floor. Because the material is so soft, you never have to worry about scuffing up your wood floor. Ottawa is awash in stores that sell microfiber brooms, so you shouldn’t have any trouble tracking them down.

Vacuum Weekly

Even the best microfiber brooms in the world can’t remove all of the dust from hardwood flooring. Ottawa homeowners should run their vacuum cleaners over their hardwood floors on at least a weekly basis. Most vacuum cleaners have “bare floor” settings that work specifically on wood floors. If you don’t already have a vacuum cleaner with such a setting, investing in one is well worth it. A high quality vacuum cleaner will suck invisible dust and debris from wood floors; it will also remove dust from the microscopic cracks between planks.

Clean Spills Quickly

Standing water is the mortal enemy of a hardwood floor. The minute a spill happens, make sure to sop it right up. Use a paper towel, a soft sponge or a cloth to do so; never use a scratchy sponge, as it could scuff up the wood. If water is allowed to stay on wood flooring in Ottawa homes, it can cause permanent damage. If you’d rather not replace your hardwood floors, make sure to take care of spills promptly.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

You can’t use the products that you use to clean tile or linoleum floors on hardwood flooring. Ottawa stores sell plenty of cleaning products that are designed for use with wood floors; invest in a selection of them so that you always have a decent product to use. Some cleaning products are designed to clean and disinfect wood floors; others are meant to give them shine and luster. Alternate between these two types of cleaning products to keep your floors clean and glowing.

Beware of Direct Sunlight

Many people don’t realize it, but direct sunlight can wreak serious havoc on wood floors. In order to keep the wood floor in your Ottawa home as like-new as possible, make sure that it’s not exposed to direct sunlight for too many hours per day. If it is, invest in shades or blinds to soften the impact. Otherwise, you will need to have your floors treated with special finishings that are designed to protect against UV sunlight damage. Of course, that’s a small price to pay for avoiding faded, unappealing flooring.

Enjoy High-Quality Wood Flooring for Years

You may wonder – is it possible to enjoy a wood floor for many years? Absolutely. The trick is to keep the preceding tips and pointers in mind. Regular cleaning, basic upkeep and a little bit of common sense all go a long way toward keeping the wood floors in your home in like-new condition.

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