Limestone Floors – Discover Why Serious Home Improvement Specialists Swear By Them

Flooring plays an important role in homes as well as offices. Fortunately you have a wide range of flooring materials to choose from such as sandstone, limestone, marble, granite and slate. However, you will find it hard to beat limestone floors as the premium choice for their stunning finish and earthy natural looks. There are a number of key reasons as to why you would consider this type of floor covering. Limestone floors have been around for centuries and as well regarded as the toughest and most durable of all natural stone tiles. You’ll find these floors create an incredible matt finish. However, because limestone is a softer stone than marble it is important to ensure you maintain and keep it properly which will allow your new limestone floors to last for many years.

Create the most appealing and inspiring setting for your home

Limestone flooring is ideal in any kind of room decor and can convert a dull looking space into a more vibrant and attractive area. Whether your furniture is old or new, this type of flooring will accentuate the looks of the room. It matches well with wooden bookshelves and cabinets. Under the foot, limestone tiles feel good while being safe and secure. Limestone can be polished, honed, brushed, tumbled or antiqued. It is a symbol of luxury and style with its elegant finish. Limestone floors can be made available in various colours representing the Cotswold, Lincoln and Bath. In recent times, Iranian, Turkish and Egyptian stones have become highly popular for use in al living areas and wet areas.

Limestone floors are very popular but care needs to be taken

The use of natural stones for flooring has increased considerably in the past few years. More and more domestic and commercial properties are making use of these stones in some way or the other. However, proper maintenance and care of this flooring is necessary because it generally starts staining and becomes dull if proper maintenance is not practiced.

Limestone is made from calcium carbonate and this is the reason why use of acid on it should be avoided. When limestone comes in contact with acid, it becomes dull. Hence, use of limestone in the kitchen area should be avoided as many of the food stuffs that we eat contain acid in some quantities. If acid is dropped accidently on a limestone floor, it should be immediately cleaned with water.

How to care for your limestone floors

To keep the limestone floors in their best shape, application of a limestone sealant every few years is recommended. This can be best done with professional help or at the very least, source your sealers from professionals who know exactly what you are trying to achieve. It never hurts to ask the critical questions to ensure you know exactly what is required with your limestone floors. Using the right sealant will block its pores where the moisture is trapped. Moreover, while cleaning these floors, use warm water with some gentle floor cleaning liquid. Use of bleach and acid for cleaning limestone floors should be strictly avoided.

Limestone can be stenciled for use in staircases and fireplaces to add a touch of elegance and individuality to any design. You can also put it up on the outside of the building like in the garden or terrace area.

Limestone tiles are a great flooring solution, if properly maintained and cared for.However, the choice of flooring is still personal and depends largely on the kind of existing décor. Be sure to contact the professionals when it comes to choosing the right limestone floor option for your particular needs.

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Home renovation contractors: Do You Really need them? This Will Help You Decide!

Proper Home renovation contractors at service

It’s essential to realize that professional home remodeling services are reserved no less than two to four months ahead of time. In spite of the fact that you are in a rush for your Home redesign; you ought to hold up keeping in mind the end goal to employ a best home renovation contractors. However a lot of not gifted home renovation contractors are accessible as they can knock their present home remodel in a matter of seconds to begin on yours.

These home remodeling contractors are difficult to recognize with regards to renovating, and being consideration full is the most ideal way and do a little research before you procuring any home remodeling service. Make sure frequently remain for the right home renovation contractors by getting the assistance of everyone as far as making a legitimate research. So as you begin arranging the venture, it is constantly critical to consider musings and thoughts of your neighbors, companions and partners, on the off chance that they have such a great amount of involvement of renovating field.

Professional home remodeling services

Moreover the home remodeling services are capable of specializing required materials in home remodeling as in gutter services, roofing, windows and siding by using the best quality materials available or in accordance with customer needs. Expert home remodeling services endeavor to give the most capable and moderate home rebuilding services at reasonable budgets. Additionally home remodeling consultant services are also available for further preferences of customers.

After any home owner narrowed down their list of home remodeling services by following a small research there are certain things to request from contractors in person. In the event that the size of the project matters when it comes to home remodeling, the reviews of previous clients and contacting ways, the particular contractors are capable of providing financial references form banks, the work experience and number of subcontractors in their team, and other team members, number of projects that they handle in the same time while other projects going on and the time period that particular contractors have been working with sub-contractors are several things to be considered. The responses to above inquiries that you have asked from particular contractor will uncover the organization’s accessibility, dependability, how much consideration they’ll have the capacity to give your venture and how easily the function will work.

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University MBA programmes on rise: Why you should evaluate them for choosing right B-school

Article by MBA Universe

As ‘multi-disciplinary exposure’ is becoming increasingly important in today’s business environment to solve complex business problems, MBA programmes offered by quality focused Private Universities are emerging as a viable option for MBA aspirants.

The perception of standalone schools being the best is changing in India also as a number of the private university based MBA programmes have come up in the country in last 5-7 years.

Besides, Government University based B-schools like FMS, University of Delhi; JBIMS, University of Mumbai; UBS, Chandigarh, private universities have also forayed into management education by setting up their own B-Schools or launching MBA programmes.

The Private University based top management programmes in India include MBA programmes run by NMIMS, Mumbai; VIT University, Chennai; SRM University, Chennai; UPES, Dehradun; Alliance University, Bangalore; Institute of Management, NIRMA University, Gujarat; Jindal Global Business School, OP Jindal Global University, Sonepat, Haryana; NIIT University, Rajasthan; J K Lakshmipat University Jaipur, Rajasthan; Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Symbiosis International University (SIU), Pune; Amity University (with campuses in Lucknow, Jaipur and Gurgaon), and GITAM University, amongst others.

Delhi-NCR based Private Universities which offer such MBA programmes include Sharda University; Jaypee Business School (JBS), Jaypee Institute of Technology (Deemed University); School of Business, Galgotias University; Faculty of Management Studies; Manav Rachna International University; and Noida International University, amongst others.

Experts believe that there are several advantages of the MBA programmes run under a University. Besides a higher level of credibility and well established brand name, University MBA Programmes have many reasons to attract best talents to its campuses.

Integration with other disciplines:

The biggest advantage of university based management programmes is that it integrates MBA programs with other disciplines like Engineering, Science, to offer a multi-disciplinary environment to students.

Dr. Rajan Saxena, Vice Chancellor, NMIMS University says, “At NMIMS we have adopted a ‘multidisciplinary integration’ approach. Rather than teaching marketing, sales, finance, etc in different silos, we have developed an integrated module in which the student gets to learn everything in an interlinked manner during its management education. The approach is towards dealing with ‘business’ as a whole.”

Dr. Michael Barnes, Dean and Professor, Jindal Global Business School agrees with the former. “As you know we have four different schools under our university including a Law school, School of International Affairs and School of Governance and Public Policy, one of the key factor that distinguishes business school like ours is that we give multi-disciplinary exposure to our students,” says Dr. Barnes, adding, “This approach helps applied research and inter-disciplinary research, and makes overall educational environment robust.”

Brand name:

Since there are many professional programs like engineering, medicine, architecture that are run within a university set up, a University based MBA programme comes with a higher level of credibility. This leads to a good brand name to the management faculty in the university, as Dr. Parag Diwan, Founder Vice-Chancellor of UPES, says, “Business School in a university is jewel in the crown. It builds the brand.”

Also, Universities have higher media budgets to promote themselves. Hence their name is well known, compared to relatively unknown Tier-3 B-schools.

Affordable programmes:

Last but not the least, given the large scale of operation, the fee structure of university MBA programmes are more affordable compared to standalone private B-schools. No wonder, a better quality offering at comparatively lower or similar cost is a huge attraction for MBA aspirants.

While MBA programmes at Government Universities have a fee structure that is significantly lower as compared to other B-schools, fee structure in most of the Private Universities range between Rs 5 Lakh to Rs 8 Lakh for two-year full time MBA programmes.

For example, the annual fee for MBA programme at FMS, University of Delhi is Rs 10,500 approximately only. But the cost of MBA programme at Amity University and Jaypee Business School (JBS) is around Rs 5 Lakh, and that of Symbiosis International University (SIU) and JKLU is around Rs 8 lakh. The two year MBA programmes at UPES also cost about Rs 7 lakh. The above mentioned fee structure exclude hostel and accommodation fees.

While there are several advantage of university MBA programmes, there are a few draw backs too. For instance, most Universities require huge building and infrastructure which is not available in city like Delhi or Mumbai. Hence they tend to be based outside the city, which hampers the corporate interactions and lectures. Also, MBA is just one of the streams of education for a University, and bigger programs like engineering tend to hog all the lime light. India’s No.1 MBA Portal for MBA Aspirants, Students, Executives and Educators. covers the daily updates from all the top B schools in India, interviews eminent personalities in the MBA education domain and provides a platform to interact with MBA students, experts and fellow aspirants through Live Expert Chats and Forum.

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An Educational Tool Like Puzzles for Children Enables them to Play and Learn

Playing with puzzles is not a new phenomenon. Both children and adults have been doing that for ages. Puzzles like the jigsaw ones are really entertaining. In earlier days it was the wooden puzzles. Pictures were painted on pieces of wood and by means of a jigsaw the pieces used to be cut out. It was during 1760 that the first jigsaw puzzle was introduced commercially. The name of the man who created it was John Spilsbury. The puzzles for children created by him were actually maps. Young children learning geography were greatly benefited by these educational puzzles. Those puzzles helped the children learn about countries and regions.


Gradually modern jigsaw puzzles were made on a mass scale. Cardboard was used as a raw material to make these puzzles. Later on plastic and foam were used to make puzzles for children (in Danish puslespil til børn) These brightly colored puzzles are great for children to play and learn.

Since the pieces are large it is easy to manipulate them particularly by young children. Nowadays you have three dimensional wooden puzzles which are simple. The shapes that are used today are either that of an animal or a human being.


Children who play and learn (in Danish leg og lær) through puzzles develop faster. These educational tools aid children to improve their problem solving and motor skills. Since these are available in the shape of animals, humans and other interesting forms children learn a lot about them.

Not only children but adults too play with puzzles. It is a sort of brain teaser. Today you have complicated puzzles which were introduced after 1990. The brain has\ several functions and playing with puzzles help develop these functions. Puzzles help improve reasoning, logical analysis, numerical calculations and much more. Regarding the physical aspect these puzzles help improve hand-eye coordination. These even impart spatial awareness.


Puzzles are an integral part of the learning process. Children should be given access to puzzles from an early age. Since subject specific puzzles are available nowadays a child can get lot of valuable information from such puzzles. A lot of children are spatial learners and they learn better when they handle objects which are related to the subject that they are learning. Since puzzles also have images these are also beneficial for children who are visual learners. Problem solving can turn out to be a fun exercise with puzzles. When learning is fun children enjoy and develop interest in it. Later on it helps to develop career skills.


Buy educational toys(in Danish pædagogisk legetøj) from ABCLeg.


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