An Education Portal Helps you with Modern Techniques to beat Others in Exams

Article by Rashi Binju

Does an Education Portal offer you with more benefits than classroom teaching? The answer is yes. If exams are bothering you too much and you are feeling under-confident, then giving regular tests can bring self-assurance in you. A trustworthy Education Portal will have an option for unrestricted number of Online Test and Question papers. You will not need any reference textbooks once you opt for the benefits it can offer. But first, you might want to know what a good education website has to offer.

Builds-up confidence: No need to feel under-confident, if you are. There’s a saying, ‘as many kilometers you drive, so much more confidence you gain’. It goes the same for studies too. So if you are worried about giving your final exams and are not feeling enough prepared, then take Online Test to build-up your confidence level. It will fetch you better marks and motivate you to study more. Unlike classroom tests, you have much more scope as these tests don’t have a limit to their number.

Real-time results : As soon as your Online Test is over, the results are out and you don’t need to wait for them at all. Once you have got the result, you can immediately take note of the areas you are weak in and the questions that you successfully cracked. It makes it possible for you to solve the wrong questions again and strengthen your hold on the subject to your advantage, without forgetting them.

Performance reports: On the basis of your tests, you performance reports will determine how much have you improved. It will let you know better, how hard you still need to work and assess your weak points.

Remedial reports: If the Education Portal is good enough and uses advanced methods of teaching, then you will be able to get the benefit of remedial reports. This means that the website will recommend you the ways, how you should improve your performance in the tests and eventually in your finals.

Homework help: The Question Papers offered by many good Education Portal websites carry the answers to your textbook questions and much more in addition to that. So, if you need help with your homework, refer to them. You don’t need to go and buy extra books. You get everything you want from these websites.

The modern educational tools have a lot to offer you and help you with, like Online Test and Question Papers. You just need to find out the right Education Portal on your search engine and you will be thankful that you did.

Rashi Binju is an avid writer about the education system in India and has been a regular contributor with – Education Portal offering , sample papers, NCERT Textbook Solutions and Video Lessons to students from Class VI to Class XII in India.

Benefits Of Schools Registration In An Online Portal

Article by Naresh

Today is the present era of online communication era where online communication is used by the people, in their day to day life. Now, various big and small functions are done by the public using different online methods. From shopping, banking and social networking, online communication mediums are used by the every other person. Educational sector is not left behind in adopting the online mediums of communications in expanding the sector more and more. Various companies have launched a number of online portals which have online registration facility where schools can share their information with public.

The school has to register themselves on these portals by simply providing all the details to the company through the school registration form that is available online. Schools have to enter various details that are mentioned in the form like school address, medium of education, board to which it is affiliated to. The profile of school is created in a dynamic manner in most of the sites, using the details that filled by the school management in the registration form. These sites act as promotional as well as advertising medium for the schools to share their facilities and features in public. Through these sites, schools can provide their information on a common platform and public can easily compare between various schools in terms of their facilities and features.

Another kind of portals is that which apart from advertising provide online admission facilities too. In these portals, schools as well as parents register themselves on the portal through school registration and parent registration section of the portal. Parents can check the detailed information of the schools and search for the desired schools as per the required facilities and features in the school. Schools can release the admission forms online and parents can buy the school admission forms online.

After filling the admission form online, they can directly submit to the concerned schools. The schools can accept or decline the application forms online and also schedule the interview date. In this manner, the whole admission process can be done online making the procedure convenient for both parents and schools. This year, admit your child to the best school in the town using online admission portal.

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Online Education Portal: The New Age Tool for Learning

An online Coaching for IIT is not only the most modern private tutor, but also so much more. They offer humongous amount of features and learning tools that would even put most schools to shame. The benefits of using them are endless, but we shall discuss just a few key attributes of an online portal here – video lessons, study material, exam resources and online test.

Video Lessons: The typical online IIT JEE Coaching is loaded with video lessons that extensively use animations, lab demonstrations and real world illustrations that create a lasting impression on the mind. Video lessons on IIT JEE Mathematics, physics, chemistry, therefore, make you understand concepts far more effectively and they equip you to take on the challenges of your exams. Spending just half an hour each day watching video lessons that focuses on simplifying complex theories and concepts and quick methods of solving numerical problems should be enough for most students to improve their grades!
Study Material: A good IIT JEE Coaching Institute will also provide you with study material that will save you the time you would otherwise spend on making notes yourself. The study material is intelligently prepared references that will help you understand concepts better. They are often written by experts who have deep subject knowledge and experience in the field of teaching. Study material on any online portal can be used as an accompaniment to the video lessons they offer too, making your learning process all the more convenient and effective.
 Online Test: Like the dreaded Monday tests in your school, an IIT JEE Coaching will have an online test that you can take to analyze your learning process. The online test is meticulously designed to effectively check concept clarity, with personalized reports that mainly focuses on important things like overall performance, question-wise execution and remedies that seek to identify current proficiency levels and topics of concern. Based on your online test performance, you will be offered smart pointers to help you improve your overall score. They are also typically designed to guide you towards the best interactive learning resources that will help you master even your weak areas.
Exam Resources: A good online IIT JEE Coaching will also act as a one-stop destination for sample papers, solved question papers and unit wise revision materials. They are consistently featured to help you revisit all the crucial concepts and formulae before the exams so that you can score more marks and top them.

There are many other features that an online IIT JEE Coaching possesses, so go find them out for you. Good luck!

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