How to Handle Research Essay the First Time

Article by Amelia Jones

Research essays come in different forms. In grade school, students will be asked a lot of descriptive research essay writing. Thoughts on their plans and what the students did during the summer break are the usual topics for descriptive essays. But when the students hit college and post-graduate studies, the list of the different types of essays also increases! This is the time when students are asked to worked on a wide array of essay types. If you are in college and university setting then chances are you have come across the expository essay, the literary essay, informal essay and the research paper essay. Among these sample types of essay, you can say that tough work can be expected from the research paper essay. This should be expected judging from the name itself. Because this calls for research, the quality of work done in a research essay is more defined compared to other types of essay. There are other differences that set apart one type of essay from the rest. The amount of work is one and on this count, the research essay is that type that calls for more and quality research. If you are facing a research paper essay as a requirement in college or university, better to be prepared for the tough work ahead! So what makes such an essay different from the other types available for work in college and universities? When you are faced with the research paper essay as a requirement, expect that you will search and tap into the works of others and you will need to compare your works and thoughts with these authors and researchers. Common challenges you will face when writing research paperWhen you are writing a research paper, you need to collate and go through a number of source materials and you need to synthesize all information using your ideas. The challenge here is that you must find suitable texts and use these ideas and theories. The problem when writing a research essay is that you can be lost in the wilderness of loaded materials and complex ideas. In order to prevent this from happening you must narrow your topic before starting to work on the paper.Another common challenge when writing a research paper (or even other kinds of essays) is that you can commit plagiarism. For example, if you are writing the paper and you are looking at a string of ideas coming from an author and you don’t include ideas of your own then you are actually committing plagiarism. Or if you borrow quotations and ideas and you did not cite these in your research paper, then you are also committing plagiarism. So the most important thing to keep in mind is to cite resources and make sure that you also inject your own thoughts and ideas while writing. When you are writing a research paper essay, the important thing is to demonstrate to your readers what you have learned and your own take on the subject.Keep tabs on the evidences to be used when writing the research paper essayWhen you have a thesis in mind that can set the direction of your research paper, the next thing to consider when writing a research essay is to find the evidences that will be used to support your thesis and to sway your readers into taking your stand. These evidences are important when writing essays, a research essay included. Evidences can take the form of examples and illustrations of other authors, researchers and authorities that will support and put focus on your thesis statement. When writing a research paper essay, make sure that you provide multiple evidences. The key in writing a competent research paper essay is to have a sufficient listing of ideas that can set the ground work of your essay. The evidences must set the tone of the paper, and to do that you need to make sure that these evidences are representative and relevant.Evidences that you can use for your research paper essay can be primary or secondary sources. When you say primary source, it means that the text that you are looking at is directly related to the paper that you are working on. The secondary sources that you can use when writing a research essay are the opinions, ideas and interpretations of other researchers and authors. Primary sources are important when writing a research paper essay. But for the secondary sources, there are appropriate situations and contexts where you can use these. You don’t need to rely on secondary sources all the time when you are writing a research essay. When working on the research essay, you don’t need to rely heavily on these sources. When writing a research paper, you can use the secondary sources to support your own views and interpretations and these should not be used as the basis for fine-tuning your stand. When writing the essay, don’t just collect all ideas, opinions and theories and arrange them in order to come up with a paper. A competent and professional research paper essay will include your own synthesis and take of the subject as well. There should be value-adding activities when you are writing a research essay. And you can make it happen by adding your own thoughts on the research essay.

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Crystal Reports Is A First Class Writing Tool

Article by Dean Forster

Crystal Reports allows you to generate business intelligence reports from various data sources. It the most advanced and popular report creating tool, which is now also available bundled with several other application software, such as, Microsoft Visual Studio. Crystal Reports allows access to any data source with native ODBC, OLE DB, and JDBC connectivity to relational, OLAP, XML, legacy, and enterprise data sources, which include Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and Informix. The latest version of the tool, Crystal Reports XI, provides you with the updated data driver features for XML, JDBC, IBM DB2, and Exchange, letting you have the incredible data access options.

Crystal Reports was originally developed by Crystal Reports Inc. The company produced the versions from 1.0 through to 3.0. Seagate Software consequently acquired Crystal Reports, and renamed it Crystal Decisions, and produced versions 4.0 through to 9.0. In December 2003, Crystal Reports was acquired by Business Objects, and so far have produced versions 10.0 and XI. Version XI is presently in its second release.

Crystal Reports provides you with presentation quality reports, and saves you time in designing and distributing the reports. The powerful report writer produces “what you see is what you get” business decision reports that can provide your company with instant decision making capability, there-by providing you with increased profitability. You can generate quick custom reports, with great looks. The features allow you to easily create the looks of your report presentation documents. You can select your favourite type face, font size, and text colour, and enhance the layout by applying lines, choosing borders and shades. You can provide further enhancement by choosing embedded pictures, diagrams, and logos. Crystal Reports allows you to use tables, cross-tabulations, or one of the many graph styles, which could be used to communicate your business information. The drill-down feature allows you to get to the sections of the detailed report. Just by clicking the report objects, the tool provides you with a series of linked information which has led to the initial information.

Crystal Reports provide unparalleled flexibility in report creation. It provides you with step-by-step process with the help of expert wizards, which guides you in creating the report. You could also find a “Private Tutor” incorporated in the report writer, and this provides you with online help as you proceed. Your finished reports could be run at any pre-determined time, without any attendance. Even you could schedule the run based on time and dates, taking into consideration business holidays. You can find out more about crystal reports at

Crystal Report allows you to embed sub-reports within your main report, which would mean that, you can embed a customer sales account history report in a sales highlight report. Building special conditions would let you print the sections of the report to produce different report information print-outs from the same report. Crystal Reports allows you to format your reports, by which you may provide summary information in a single cell, instead of using column formats, there-by making it easy to read the report. The report writer provides you with more control over your report design, letting you customise your report.

With more than more than 35 data drivers, and with the flexibility that it offers, Crystal Reports is one of the best report writing tools in the world.

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First Educational Institution to Incorporate DriveSavers Hard Drive Simulator as a Training Tool

DriveSavers, the worldwide leader in data recovery services, announced today that Empire College, based in Santa Rosa, California, is the first educational institution to adopt the company’s hard disk drive simulator, “DriveSaver,” as a training resource for students enrolled in the School of Business Information Technology Program.

DriveSaver is an online Flash-based hard drive simulator that educates users about hard drive data storage technology, best practices for protecting digital data and data recovery solutions. The most popular feature of the simulator is Crash a Hard Drive. Users can actually see and hear a hard drive crash and learn the reasons why it failed.

The flash-based online application simulates various types of hard drive failures, from watching the drive shatter into pieces to seeing a circuit board go up in smoke chip-by-chip.

The Hard Drive Demo enables users to explore the different parts of the drive and its uses. And to further spread knowledge of hard drive technology, DriveSavers is now making DriveSaver available as an embeddable widget that users can place on their own sites.      

DriveSavers annually invites Empire College students to tour the company’s facility. During this tour, students are able to see, hands-on, the data recovery process for storage devices. A key part of the tour is learning about the security protocols required during the data recovery process to ensure all customer data is protected.

DriveSavers is the only data recovery company in the industry that undergoes annual SAS 70 Type II Audit Reports, offering the highest level of data security available.

The students also are able to see inside an official Certified ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom and other specialized engineering laboratories. Throughout the tour, data recovery engineers are available to answer questions from both instructors and students.


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