When Should You Perform Log Home Repair On Your Own And When To Employ An Expert?

Every single wooden house will eventually need log home repair. This is a well known fact. You need to always be aware of the various repair types that are common and when you can do them yourself. There are obviously some things that should always be left for a professional but others are quite easy and you can easily make small repairs. Continuing maintenance is vital and repairs always have to be done on time.

Outside Structural Destruction

In the event that something bad happened and the exterior structure of the home was damaged, you will most likely need a professional. This is always the case when log home repair projects necessitate the replacement of logs. There are cases in which you might be able to do the repairs yourself but you have to use common sense. You need good tools and a proper understanding of home structure in this case.


When you find rot, the log home repair project is not just about replacing damaged wood. There is an underlying problem that is present and you need to find the source of the moisture. All damages has to be cut away and suitable log sections have to be purchased to replace them. You will then need to install wood logs and coat them properly for protection purposes.

In the event that you cannot find the source of the moisture, you need to call a professional. The truth is that most people have no idea where the water comes from in these cases. For instance did you know that shrubbery can actually cause a moisture problem and can lead towards a need for log home repair to be done? Never leave the problem unattended if you cannot find the source.

Pest Issues

There are several pests that causes wood deterioration. All logs must be perfectly maintained and fixed to defend them against pest deterioration. In case you detect sawdust piles, you must make certain that you are treating this type of trouble. All water sources must be eliminated and obvious gaps must be blocked with pesticide. Again, this might be performed by the homeowner but it is better to consult a qualified professional that has exposure to pest deterioration. This is due to the fact that you want to make certain that the cause of the deterioration is discovered and removed.

Accidental Damage

There are circumstances where log home repair needs are determined by accidents that took out a part of the wall. The restoration required is dictated by the degree of the problems. If it’s minor, you could swell it out but if it’s too big, focus is required as a large repair task may be required. If this is the situation, it is clear that you have to contact an expert.

The final point here is that log home repair is a bit subjective. Which means that you need to use common sense. If you think that you could repair it then get it done! Otherwise, contact an expert!

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Expert Tips That Will Help You With Your Home Improvement Endevours

When it comes to home improvement, many homeowners believe in an all-or-nothing approach. They prefer to wait for a total remodel rather than tackling a series of smaller, more manageable projects. Choosing the latter can save money and make your home a more attractive and enjoyable place to live. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

Consider the materials that you are going to use when building an addition or a separate structure on your property: Wood framed structures are going to cost you more to insure because of how flammable they are. Steel or cement framed structures will save you a good bit in home insurance premiums.

Synthetic building materials have a place in home improvement projects, and that place is usually outside. Synthetics tend to stand up to sun and weather better than the natural materials they replace. (Stone is a notable exception to this rule.) For wood in particular, there are a number of synthetic replacements that offer similar attractiveness and superior durability.

Pay for contracting jobs after they are completed only. If you pay before the job is completed, there is nothing much you can do if the job isn’t completed properly or if it isn’t completed at all. On the other hand, withholding payment until the job is complete will motivate contractors to do it right and in a timely fashion.

If your home lacks windows and natural lighting, consider replacing one of your solid exterior doors with a French door. A French door combines solid wood craftsmanship with a broad expanse of plate glass, to let in a great deal of natural sunlight. This will instantly brighten the look and feel of any room, making it seem airier and more spacious.

Painting is one of the quickest and least expensive methods to improve your home’s appearance. If you are contemplating repainting the exterior of your home, you should evaluate whether you can do the job yourself. Painting is a job that requires only a few basic tools and a moderate level of skill. If you do your own repainting, you can save a significant amount of money. When evaluating if you can do it yourself, you need to consider how much available time you have to do this time consuming job, your health and fitness level and whether you possess the skills to get the job done.

By redoing your driveway with a new method of surfacing or simply redoing the existing surfacing is a great home improvement job that will make your house look better. Not only will you be able to admire your house, but everyone in the neighborhood will as well.

To circulate the air in your home, install ceiling fans in your most-used rooms. The fans can reduce your reliance on the air conditioner in the summer and they can push warm air downward in the winter, making your furnace usage more efficient. Most fans can switch directions to draw air upward or push it downward, depending on your needs.

Paint is one of the most inexpensive and simple way to change the look of your home. Make sure you have all the right tools and the right type of paint for the area. By making a few preparations before you begin, your job will be easier and go much smoothly.

Choose wallpaper patterns carefully. Avoid using overpowering patterns in small spaces; conversely, using a bold design in a very large room will make it appear cozier. Never use a patterned wallpaper if you have patterned carpet or window coverings. For a room full of awkward corners and recesses, pick a wallpaper with a random design that the eye doesn’t tend to follow. This will help to disguise any imperfections in the walls.

Match your fire extinguisher to the room where it is being used. The color will be the same old red but fire extinguishers are classed according to function. Class B’s are most appropriate for the kitchen but Class A’s would probably work well in the rest of the house.

It is never a bad idea to purchase handheld fire extinguishers for your home. Before you buy an extinguisher, take a moment to read the packaging for information on intended usage. Some extinguishers are effective only against certain types of fires. Ideally, an extinguisher should be suitable for paper, grease, wood, electrical, and trash fires. This should also be under consideration as you determine which rooms will have extinguishers at hand.

Make visible changes. Invisible changes are great for your home, but if it ever comes time to sell, you do not want to have to explain why you installed fantastic heating systems but did not fix your shutters. Keep in mind that visibility sells. You want to be at the top of the market.

If your home tools are rudimentary, then protect the wood you are working with by lubricating screws first. Not only will this help you to drive new screws in more easily, it will also prevent the wood from splitting and the screws from stripping the hole, thereby defeating the purpose. A little vaseline, wax or dish soap is all it takes.

Even the simplest home improvement projects can seem overwhelming at first if you don’t have a good grasp of the basics. Once you know what you’re doing, though, any project is manageable. Just apply what you’ve learned from this article, and before you know it, you’ll be one step closer to turning your house into your dream home.

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Article by Andy Demidont

The SERAPH Research Team which provides a biyearly school safety report for Congress has released its “FIVE CRITICAL SCHOOL SAFETY ISSUES list.

The list was developed from interviews with teachers, school security personnel, police and principals from 120 school districts throughout the United States.

1. LACK OF ACCURATE UNDERSTANDING OF SAFETY ISSUES – Many schools and school districts have performed poor assessments of their school safety as it relates to everyday management of the schools. Schools have security audits performed which focus on physical security such as cameras and emergency plans. These audits do not address classroom management, sub cultural groups, educational objectives, special education, negative behavior cliques and sexual issues.

“School environments must be analyzed from an educator’s perspective”, says SERAPH Research Team leader Andreas Demidont, “Another aspect of this issue is that schools often have no real way of collating the data into a meaningful set of action plans.”

2. REACTION NOT PREDICTION – Many schools and school districts have policies against student aggression and criminal behavior but fail to develop clear management procedures to assist staff and administrators in predicting and preventing these problems.

“Because schools generally do not have effective school safety management plans they resort to a crisis with reaction rather than preventing a crisis from happening”, states Demidont.

3. POOR MANAGEMENT OF SCHOOLS – Management issues in school generally fall into several categories :

Poor time management. “Time is the currency of learning and it needs to be treated that way by the schools,in the same manner as it is in the business community,” says Demidont.

Non-data based decisions. “Not because the data does not presently exist within the school but rather schools often lack an effective and efficient means of gaining access to it,” states Demidont.

Unwillingness to depart from conventional thinking.” If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you always have gotten,” states Demidont.

School boards being asked to make decisions without essential data. Poor use of technology to handle the mundane tasks. “A complete lack of understanding of how technology can be utilized to assure that administrator and teacher time is spent on educating students,” says Demidont.

Lack of effective on-going interactive community wide communications. “School officials must actively and regularly interact with parents and the community in general,” states Demidont.

4. LACK OF EFFECTIVE PLANS TO COMBAT TRUANCY AND LATENESS – School Districts do not seem to be willing to engage local, state and federal social service agencies as real partners in assisting them with truancy and tardiness.

“A formal plan of action with local courts, social services, and law enforcement is critical to reducing and controlling this serious problem”, says Demidont.

5. POOR EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT – Many schools have emergency plans but fail to train their staff members in the management of an emergency situation. An example of the problem is the lack of training for school staff members in the handling of special needs children.

“Special needs students are being placed in regular education classrooms without providing regular classroom teachers with the necessary and proper training and support,” states Demidont. “Children with various emotional or mental issues will panic in emergencies; proper training must be performed to give staff the skills necessary to manage the inevitable chaos and emotion that occurs in an emergency situation.”

Mr. Yeager began his education as a criminal analyst in 1988. He has extensive training including advanced training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

Mr. Yeager’s research work on violence has been published in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and “Profiling Violent Crimes” [third edition] by Dr. Ronald Holmes.

Mr. Yeager is also a Federal law enforcement trainer for the HIDTA and MAGLOCLEN programs.

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