Benefits of California Spray Foam Insulation


All the new and developed houses are well equipped with California spray foam unlike old houses where still old traditional sources of insulation like fiber glass are used. This kind of glass is made squeezing a low weighted pink wire so that it has an effect of sheet. Thus these are very low in cost and are not that effective and safe as other insulation spray foams. That can protect you from all kind of weather conditions. These spray foams basically reduce the loss of heat from the building thus making the place comfortable for its occupants.  In order to make our home stronger we need a barricade in between inner and outer walls of our house. Actually this California spray foam contains polyurethane foam, which is a beneficial and powerful chemical ingredient. This polyurethane foam is present in liquid form in California spray. Being in liquid form, it can spread widely across the surface and thus enters all the small gaps and cracks and thus ends up filling it and protecting your home. This makes California Spray foam insulation a solid fence that restricts the entry of all kinds of insects and pests in our houses. If you use same old fiber glass, then these insects might chew and destroy the material to enter your house.This insulation material has a very rough surface and also powers that will not only restricts pests but also protect your home from water and molds that may enter your house and destroy all furniture.California Foam can also be used when you need to form a sound free wall. The solid wall created by foam stops any kind of noise going through the wall. Apart from this it is also used as temperature controller. It makes a place warm in winters and cool during summers. More importantly they are environment friendly as they don’t contain CFCs and also they are easy to use.



Spray Foam Insulation is without a doubt the single largest advancement in ‘Green’, ‘Super Energy Efficient’ insulation technology available today. Spray foam energy solutions from california’s premier spray foam insulation contractor for instation in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.