How to Clean Window Treatments


Fabric ShadesThese can be cleaned with the dust brush on your vacuum if you have one. Make sure the setting is on low when you vacuum the shades. For blinds that lie flat you can close them all the way and use the brush tool to get at the dust on the blinds. If you need to clean spots you should take the blinds off and lay them on a flat surface. Use water and a bit of dish washing liquid to get the stains off the blinds. Once a year, you’ll want to have your blinds professionally cleaned.Honeycomb ShadesYou can use a feather duster on this type of shade or the dust tool on your vacuum. Spot clean the shads with a bit of water and dish washing liquid. Make sure you blot the shade and don’t rub the solution into the shade. These blinds should be cleaned once per year by professionals.Vertical Blinds, Vinyl Venetian, and Metal BlindsClose these blinds so they are flat and use a feather duster to remove debris on the blinds. The dust brush tool on a vacuum also works well here. Close the blinds in the opposite direction and do the same thing. About two times per year you can wipe the blinds with a bit of water damped onto a cloth with some dish washing liquid. You may also want to take the blinds down to do with as it might be a bit easier for you.Drapes and CurtainsThe upholstery tool on a vacuum works well here as long as you use the low suction setting. If the fabric can be washed you might want to wash these once per year in the washing machine on the low setting. Some fabric may need to be dry cleaned. Make sure you hang them to dry and don’t put them in the dryer. If the curtains are in a dusty area the cleaning may need to be more frequent.Wood Shutters and BlindsMake sure you close the slats so they are flat and use a feather duster to work out the debris. The dust brush tool on the vacuum works well as well as a wool duster or electrostatic cloth. Wipe them down with water once per year and be sure to dry them fully.Make sure you take your time when cleaning your window treatments and when in doubt seek professional help. It can be easy to ruin a good window treatment if you use the wrong cleaning procedure. Once per year you should have them professionally cleaned as it will help your treatments last a long time. They require some basic maintenance which you can do yourself

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