Automotive supplies business development is independent existence

With the rapid development of the domestic auto industry, automotive supplies, as a project to rely on the auto industry growing prosperity. However, for increasingly standardized, mature car decoration, car maintenance, explosion-proof membrane market, behind to the bottom of the rapid development of potential support force  Automobile market rose and put on hold for the automotive supplies market, what kind of impact  Vehicle market picked up the pace or the rapid development of automotive supplies market, what kind of opportunities

The face of the interdependence of the vehicle market and the automotive products market, may be purposive rational proposition to answer, however, as the enterprises that are in the automotive supplies industry, a strategic decision to seek rapid development of enterprises and how can we put aside the front-end market environment and behind closed doors  Concerned about the “trend of the new decade, the automotive supplies industry forum, listening to the auto industry experts to explain the current vehicle market developments and trends.

Companies have to take the “high-speed rail train is smooth.

At present, the cover car maintenance, car decoration, explosion-proof membrane areas of automotive supplies market is gradually standardized, enterprises gradually get rid of the survival of the initial stage of development, the shape to the brand’s market-oriented operation. However, how to maintain the lack of core technology, and less with the technical process of the automotive supplies industry, in the end how to break loose, to occupy the high ground in the brand market environment such as forest  How to create the legend of its own brand from scratch  long-term vitality of the brand  This may be the relatively short product life cycle, eliminating the need for thinking, however, for products such as explosion-proof film product life cycle for decades or even centuries, but enterprises need to find a reference for , can not avoid the reality of the problem, how to find the draw cut corners, seeking a steady and rapid development, a blend of industry leaders the wisdom of “the trend of the new decade, automotive supplies industry forum on corporate brand-building point of view is definitely a good way.

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