Doctor rating sites will grow in importance


Doctor rating websites can provide you with plenty of information about a
doctor in a certain specialty. They can even give you top doctors in
robotic assisted surgery.

Robotic assisted surgery has been approved by the Food and Drug
Administration for more than 10 years now. It is viewed as the
next-generation surgery by many health experts. Enabling physicians to
conduct less invasive surgeries, robotics is used for a variety of
procedures, including hysterectomies, lung-cancer removal, prostate
cancer, heart-valve repairs and gastrointestinal surgery.

Surgeons in robotics surgery look more like they are in a fighter plan
than an operating room. Sitting at a console and looking at a
three-dimensional image of the targeted area, the surgeon has two
controllers at his disposal. Aiming his fingers down, a robotic clamp
tilts down. Moving his wrist up and down, the robotic wrist follows
suit. Whole arm movements are mimicked by the robot. The
computer-controlled robot arms follow the surgeons every move.

Benefits of robotic surgery are: less scarring; quicker hospital stays;
lower risk of infection because more of the human element is taken out
of the equation; faster recovery time; less post-surgery pain; and less
blood loss during surgery.

One downside to the procedure is the robotic arms take away the feeling
sensation that surgeons have during a surgery. The feel of tissue or
ligaments can give doctors a sense that something else may be a factor
in the patient’s problem. Another downside in the cost of the robotic
machine. The cost ranges from $950,000 to $1.3 million, not counting the
required continual maintenance. The cost makes the machine far from a
common piece of equipment in hospitals, meaning that you may have to
travel quite a distance to have robotic surgery.

With robotics technology, long-distance telesurgery will soon be a
possibility, where a top surgeon could conduct surgery on a patient half
a world away. It would allow a top surgeon in a certain field to be
available for an operation regardless of where the patient was located.
With two functioning work sites, the surgeon would be able to conduct
the operation. Despite some of the obstacles still to overcome, some
experts believe telesurgery could be just a few years away.

Remote surgeries would also allow for the best and brightest surgeons to
be called in should there be a complication with a surgery. The
contacted physician would not need much of a briefing as he would be
able to see everything himself or herself and, if connected to the same
robotics system, could go and make any checks the individual felt

When remote surgery is available, how much more important will doctor
review sites become when people will not be anywhere near as bound by
geography as they are now for their medical care? When you have the
option of any surgeon in the world being able to conduct your surgery –
and you being able to remain in your local hospital – you will want to
have as much knowledge as possible. Doctor rating will play in a
definite role in providing that information.



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