Timeless Beauty of Hardwood Floors

For most homeowners they prefer hardwood floors for their home. Aside from being the most popular types of the floor hardwood floor also suits almost every home – regardless of the shapes and sizes of the room. It can match either a homely, countryside dwelling or a modern-themed house. Hardwood flooring in New Jersey are the no. 1 choice mostly of the home owners when it comes to their floor for many reasons.

One of these is the durability. Hardwood floor in New Jersey can last longer than tiles and carpets especially if two conditions are met. First, hardwood floors, as well as other things, last longer if they are well taken care of. Second, they can last longer if hardwood floors installation is done by the expert builders of a good flooring service provider.

A good flooring company allows the homeowner to choose the wood to be installed. You can choose a wood floor come in Maple, pecan, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Pine, Walnut, Birch, Hickory, and more. They also find that solid wood floors are timeless investment that can produce a lifetime of beauty and add value to the home. In addition, this kind of floor is very easy to maintain and clean because stains and dirt does not stick to it. Unlike carpet, whose color can fade in time, and also hold stuff like dirt that can harm people allergies.

There are many advantages for having this kind of floors to your home. That’s why even in New York and Pennsylvania they mostly choice for their home floors are hardwood flooring. Because this type of flooring are really tough, strong and even if you put or drop something heavy on the floor you will not mostly worried for getting dented or a single scratched.

A good hardwood floors are mostly done by the professionals like many hardwood installation In New York. Flooring experts in Tri State Area can install wood floors to a particular room even if other rooms are already installed with it. They do this by arranging patterns considering the other rooms’ designs. The sanding, staining and varnishing of the floors are done by the skilled professionals as desired by the homeowners like a hardwood flooring in Pennsylvania also offers a finish wood floors.

Unfortunately, if there are advantages there is also a disadvantage for having a hardwood floors to your home but the most disadvantage of it was only for a budget concerned, because only natural materials are used and people with a limited budget may not be able to afford hardwood flooring.

However, there are far more advantages for having a hardwood floor because hardwood floors equate to timeless beauty and warmth.

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Add Value To Your Home With Refinished Hardwood Floors

If there is one thing we’ve discovered by buying and selling many homes, it’s that refinishing hardwood floors creates a warm, classy environment that most people really enjoy. We have an excellent crew that refinishes wood floors in homes we purchase and remodel, and that has been a key to our success in selling remodeled homes.

The most important thing to realize about refinishing any wood floor is that the process generates a lot of dust. During the sanding process, the fine dust particles can cover the walls and countertops and even get into cabinets. It’s a very messy process, so enclosing each room with heavy plastic curtains while the sanding work is accomplished is one way to contain the dust.

Prior to repainting walls in rooms where wood floors have been sanded and refinished its best to wash down the walls with a tri-sodium phosphate product, and to take precautions while washing, just as you do while sanding. A disposable dust mask is a very inexpensive and practical way to protect yourself when refinishing wood floors and repainting walls where the floors have been sanded.

Selecting a color of wood stain is a matter of personal preference of course, but we’ve found that darker wood stain can be used if there is discoloration that needs to be covered. Sometimes there is water damage in older homes that may have been carpeted at one time, and then when old carpeting is removed the water damage is revealed. Some of the water damage goes deep into the wood and the discoloration won’t come out when the floor is sanded, so that’s when a dark wood stain comes in handy.

But lighter stains are the most popular, so we stick with light oak and maple wood stain colors that keep a room lighter rather than darker in appearance, colors that blend well with the neutral wall paint we normally use. I always think about the floor and the walls like a blank canvas that the new homeowners can paint to their own liking. Lighter wood stain and neutral, off-white walls are a good way to achieve this basic environment for people to enhance as they select their own favorite colors for decorating.

Sealing the refinished wood floor is another matter of personal preference, but since I often make that decision before trying to sell a home, I generally select a satin wood finish, one that is not too glossy and yet has a nice, soft feel. It’s surprising how much difference the wood finish makes in the way a home feels to a prospective home buyer, so we make sure that our refinished hardwood floors are the best they can be to enhance the quality of the home and the neighborhood.

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Steppin’ Out on Hardwood Floors

No matter where you buy your hardwood flooring, New Orleans homeowners know wood floors and that they come in three basic types: ¾ inch solid which is unfinished or pre-finished and are installed over wood subfloors used on or above ground level by being securely nailed down.

Engineered wood flooring in installed on dry concrete slabs or wood subfloor and can be glued, stapled or float.

Long strip engineered flooring is similar to the engineered flooring in finish, install use and holding it is just longer and wider in appearance.

Most wood floors can be refinished if they get scratched or lack luster from normal everyday use.

There is nothing as exhilarating as hardwood flooring. New Orleans is one location that has a deep appreciation for a wood floor. New Orleans homeowners are tough consumers and they don’t waste money when making a purchase as important as flooring for their homes or businesses. They want quality at a good price and a product that can endure some wear and tear for years to come.

Hardwood flooring is a dependable wood floor. New Orleans residents have seen what they can take and keep looking great. Hardwood flooring is a smooth, clean surface that adds charm and warmth to any space. You can even design custom hardwood flooring. New Orleans offers custom design patterns that add an extraordinary blend of beauty and interest to any room in your home. Hardwood floors are by far one the easiest floors to take care of and hardwood flooring will endure as long as you have your home with normal cleaning and periodical refinishing. Experts agree that it is not the best decision to place hardwood floors in areas prone to excessive moisture or possible water accidents like in bathrooms.

Hardwood flooring has long established itself as a champion floor covering in so many time-tested, priceless and practical ways that it just makes good sense to purposely invest in these endearing floors for your home. The track record and benefits of hardwood floors stands way beyond promotional rhetoric. It’s also no wonder that wood is so many folks first choice is flooring. New Orleans homeowners choose it as the leading flooring for its durability and trustworthiness. Wood floors have continued to gain momentum as leading flooring choices.

There are no other current floor coverings that tolerate the heavy traffic flow like a wood floor. New Orleans has a reputation for enjoying life and when it comes to their floors they don’t want to be worrying about their flooring. New Orleans residents like a good value and they know that hardwood floors can keep up with their demanding and fun lifestyle. Hardwood floors have proven they can endure Mardi Gras, year after year!

So no matter what design of hardwood flooring you want, you can be certain that selecting a good quality, solid hardwood floor is not only a smart investment with a guaranteed return but it’s a choice that your home will appreciate for many years to come. Everyone loves the simple elegance, durability and wear ability attached to quality wood floors. New Orleans residents have seen firsthand the fast increase in home improvement and remodeling and noticed that informed home seekers generally don’t waste their time looking at homes without solid surface flooring. New Orleans general population concedes that this trend says something about the importance and the significant value hardwood floors continue to display.

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The Beauty Of Hardwood Floors

Why hardwood floors have become so popular. The many advantages of hardwood floors over other types of floors.

The new fashion for hardwood floors is a great idea, and many new homes come with them as a standard feature. The addition of hardwood floors automatically upgrades the look of a home. If you are shopping for a new home, make sure this is one of the items that is included, since they add value to the home, while making it easier for you to care for. If your current home does not have hardwood floors, consider installing them. In today’s home market, hardwood floors are one of the top features that make a home more salable.

There is an incredible selection of hardwood floors on the market today. A homeowner can choose between such a wide array of woods, colors and designs that something will be found that is sure to please. You don’t even have to compromise on quality, since many of the lower priced hardwood floors are very beautiful.

Hardwood floors last for years and years and most people love the warm look and clean feel of hardwood under their feet. Most of us have wooden furniture, and these floors fully complement that warm feel of wood. If you continue the theme, and use warm colored walls in your decorating scheme, you will create a room or an entire home that is inviting and cozy.

Hardwood floors are so easy to clean, that this feature has become one of the most important qualities, over and above their lovely looks. For this reason, many new and easy to use cleaning products have been developed for hardwood floors. The natural fabric of the wood makes it easy to keep clean, since dust and dirt do not settle as easily, and if you are concerned about allergens in the home, wood is the logical choice since those little microscopic critters cannot live in it as they can in a carpet.

Once you have decided upon hardwood floors, you need to examine a major issue. Cost is a big concern to most people, but the cost is probably lessened if you factor in the maintenance costs. It is easy, fast and inexpensive to clean hardwood floors, while carpets usually have to be professionally cleaned. Over time, these maintenance costs may well outweigh the initial cost of hardwood floors, and in the meantime, you can enjoy their beauty and comfort.

All in all, hardwood floors add nothing but beauty and ease to a home, and while the cost may be daunting at first, if you examine the maintenance costs of quality alternate floor covering, a hardwood floor becomes and obvious choice.

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Dustless Refinishing of Hardwood Floors

Dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ is one way to keep the house free from pollution and airborne contaminants. About 99 percent of airborne dust is eliminated with dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ and sanding. Wood dust is potentially carcinogenic and may be harmful to people with asthma and allergies. Dust-free technology enables floor refinishing companies to refinish one’s floors without the conventional mess. The technology also protects personal belongings and families.

Dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ should not be a do-it-yourself project as special equipment is required for one to undertake such a task. For one, this task requires specialized trucks that contain the latest in dust-free technologies.

In case one’s floor has undergone considerable wear and tear and has been damaged because of high traffic flows and patterns, floor refinishing specialists and the latest dust-free techniques in refinishing and restoring hardwood floors can restore the floor’s excellence. The process is initiated by sanding the floor down to bare wood while employing a specialized dust-containment system that eliminates virtually the generation of debris as well as creates a refinishing experience that is dust-free. The hardwood floors are stained next. If desired, the floor gets a final finish coat.

Dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ eliminates a lot of mess. Most of these refinishing companies serve the New Jersey and New York areas. Refinishing and sanding hardwood flooring may be a messy procedure. This is unless the homeowner’s favorite refinishing company uses a floor sanding system that is virtually dustless. This particular kind of systems keeps airborne particles and dust to a minimum.

Dustless sanding is great in the refinishing of hardwood floors in: dustless sanding in retail stores, malls’ floor sanding that is dustless, shops that need floor refinishing for hardwood, outlet malls that have damaged hardwood floors, gym hardwood floors that need to be finished and sanded, refinishing of oak floors in sports facilities, and hardwood floors of skating rinks that call for large dustless sanding procedures.

These companies use the latest in techniques in sanding, collecting, and containment that allow workers to sand hardwood floors throughout Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey without the issues linked to the conventional sanding for hardwood floors. These companies can offer dustless sanding and refinishing services in these areas. The dustless procedures can be done on hardwood floors like: red oak, heart pine, barrel, antique, cherry, mahogany hardwood, maple hardwood, plank floors, floor boards that are damaged, and flooring that has been previously repaired.

With dustless hardwood floors refinishing NJ in New Jersey and other states, companies can guarantee that no dust clings to walls or drapes/carpets, no dust drifts into other areas of the house, there is no need to quarantine rooms or hang plastics, and companies can assure of a safe and clean environment for living after the refinishing work is done.

These companies also offer services that are environment-friendly. The hardwood floor is sanded and then applied with one coat of Rubio Monocoat finish. The product has 0 VOC and comes from natural waxes and plants.

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Advantages of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Many home buyers have faced the challenge of being left with ugly and damaged hardwood floors. Some are so discouraged by the bad condition of their floors that they immediately think about ripping them out and replacing them with new ones. However, not all damaged floors are in need of replacement. In fact, there are certain advantages of refinishing hardwood floors.

1. Costs Less. The number of workers, time frame and the nature of the job done all add up to the costs of a project. That’s why one of the advantages of refinishing hardwood floors over replacing them is cost. Refinishing is easier to do, hence it takes less time and fewer people to do it. This is important if the homeowner needs work done on a wide area.

2. Saves Time. Replacing an entire hardwood floor even in just one room can take weeks. That’s because the individual processes of removing the old flooring, ordering the new panels and installing them all take days. With refinishing, the entire project takes only a few days. This is important for business owners who can lose a lot of money for each day that their office or store is closed.

3. Less Work. Another one of the advantages of refinishing hardwood floors is less work. For instance, it’s easier to strip away the layers of a floor rather than to yank out each and every floor board. Similarly, it’s faster to apply some stain and finishing compared to kneeling down to place new wood planks.

4. Saves Intricate Wood Work. Some floors are just meant to be refinished. For example, parquet floors are considered to be the royalty of flooring. Hence, it’s a definite taboo to replace them. The only acceptable ways to deal with parquet floors are to either refinish them or cover them with a rug. The ability to save some intricate wood work is one of the greatest advantages of refinishing hardwood floors.

5. Retains House Value. Some floors add to the value of homes. For example, old and rugged floor planks add value and character to an ancestral home. That said, replacing the entire floor will decrease the over-all age of the house. Consequently, this decreases its authenticity and by extension, its value. Refinishing and restoring may be the only ways to save these wood planks.

6. Environmentally Friendly. Those who know the advantages of refinishing hardwood floors understand that the process is much more environmentally friendly. That’s because new wood planks require more wood to be cut down. That said, refinishing helps decrease the demand for new hardwood floors; hence it hinders the cutting of a few more trees.

7. Complies with Apartment Standards. Most apartments that offer hardwood floors have rules against replacing them. Usually, they only allow the floors to be refinished. That’s because they often consider hardwood floors as a selling point. This means any changes to the floor can greatly decrease the apartment’s value.

Similarly, replacing a hardwood floor involves a lot of noise. This will generate noise complaints from the neighbors. On the other hand, one of the advantages of refinishing hardwood floors is that it’s only noisy aspect is the sanding. This means the building mates only need to endure the noise for a single weekend.

It’s clear that there are numerous advantages of refinishing hardwood floors. That said, it’s best to consult professional wood installers or contractors to see if the floors of a home or building can handle refinishing.

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