Handyman: The Tools Of The Trade


A handyman needs to have the right tools to do his job properly. Whether you decide to start your own business or are just a handyman in your own home being handy cannot happen unless you are equipped with the right supplies. Do not begin any project around the house before making sure that you have all of the suitable tools and equipment on hand. You can start with the basics and then as you become better versed as a handy person you can expand upon the tools you have. You can also become more sophisticated with your tools as you become more confident with the work you do for yourself or others. To begin you must purchase a tool kit that is large enough to carry the most essential tools. The tool box can get heavy very quickly as you add items to it. For this reason you might want to purchase two kits and separate out the items so you will know which box to reach for when you are working on a project. All those who work in the handy trade need screwdrivers. You need a set of Philips screwdrivers as well as a set of straight screwdrivers. These items will be ones that you require on a consistent basis. Screwdrivers of this sort generally come in three primary sizes. You can also purchase cordless power combo drivers and manual drivers that have bits that are exchangeable. These can prove indispensable for the handyman. To do handy work you need hammers of which there is a variety to pick from. A basic claw hammer is a staple item and will be suitable for the vast majority of the jobs you take on. Take a look around the hardware store at the selection of hammers and choose the ones that you feel would be most helpful for your trade. Hammers have different kinds of handles. You want to purchase hammers that feel comfortable and natural when you handle them.You will need to cut when you take work as a handy person. Buy a hack saw that can be used to cut metals and cut through pipes. Purchase a small utility saw that will cut through wood. You will also need a utility knife. Some utility knives have blades that are replaceable while others are fashioned with segmented snappable blades. Buy the one you feel that you would need the most. Or buy both if you feel that would be equally useful for you. A utility knife is multipurpose in nature. It can be put to use in opening packages and it can be used to trim plastic, rubber and wood. A good pair of strong scissors can also be invaluable for every handyman. Choose one that has a solid and strong blade. Use a pair of scissors for trimming materials that are of the peel and stick variety. You can also use scissors to open whatever needs to be opened. You also need a small wrench that is adjustable to hold and twist nuts and bolts that you are working with. You also need pliers. Buy one than one pair. Think needle nose pliers and slip-joint pliers. 



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