Bathroom Remodeling Considerations


Bathroom renovations are often the in the dreams of many home owners.
The term “remodel” can encompass everything from painting and
redecorating, to installing new fixtures and textiles, to attaining a
dream that begins with a demolition day. If this home improvement
project is in your near future, consider the following tips before
choosing plan.

To begin, if you are just looking to make a few affordable improvements
in order to make the area more useful, first consider space and storage.
Look into the cabinet space that you already have for ideas of where
you can add custom shelving. Look up to the walls to see where you can
add some built-ins, and think of the daily inconveniences that plague
you in your daily quest to get out the door in the morning. Is there
never a towel within reach, is it cold in the room, do you lose things
inside of your closet? These little things can be tweaked for a small
investment in a weekend shopping trip to a home improvement or
organization store.

One step up from the former plan is to make some aesthetic improvement s
without changing the infrastructure of the room. Floor tile, wall tile,
counter tops, and fixtures are all weekend projects that can be
complete in a do-it-yourself effort or by hiring a small business
contractor. Some things to consider in making these changes are
longevity and trend. It is tempting to go with the latest trend during a
renovation endeavor, but remember that a trend is a trend. Oil rubbed
bronze faucets and dark wood will be beautiful, trendy, and luxurious
for about a decade, but if you do not foresee redoing the project once
every ten to fifteen years, try to go with some standard choices with
trendy accents.

You may want to choose a more neutral countertop with a wood choice that
will stand the test of time while accenting with those coveted bronze
fixtures. Things like faucets, knob pulls, mirrors, and paint colors can
be changed as often as you feel like come thing new. Tile, cabinet
tops, and cabinets should be chosen for longevity.

If you are lucky enough to have the budget and time to go all out on a
new bathroom, call on demolition day. Lavatories can be made to mimic
spa like experiences these days with elements of relaxation, amenities
such as jet tubs, steam rooms, cascading water fixtures, heated floors,
multiple head showers, and more. The sky is the limit. The sky? How
about a skylight, an outdoor retreat that leads to your hot tub or
private outdoor quarters?

Whether you have a little time, lots of time, little money of a ton of
money, there is a way to re-do the bathroom. You just have to dream a
little dream.



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