Cinderella Didn’t Stay Home Cleaning Either


Cinderella was ordered by her evil stepmother and wretched stepsisters to miss a fantastic party and instead stay home, cleaning up after their selfish selves. Thankfully, her fairy godmother appeared to provide her with a gorgeous ball gown, elegant transportation, and the pair of unusual and undoubtedly uncomfortable shoes that helped her prince to rescue her from a life in cinders and ash on a more permanent basis. One wonders how her dreadful stepfamily managed the household after she left them behind. One hopes they treated whatever housekeeper they managed to hire much better than they ever did the classic rags to riches heroine.Thankfully, women of the twenty-first century need not expend great energy on conscripting family into hard household labor beyond basic, reasonable upkeep and a few weekly chores. For all of the challenges of balancing intimidating to-do lists at work and at home, cleaning up after everyone does not have to be part of an endless rotation of drudgery. Some household tasks will forever return to the checklist a moment after they have been checked off. Laundry will never be quite finished because your family is not strolling through the house in their birthday suits. The glass of iced tea you sip from as you put your feet up for a bit in celebration of a job well done is already the next dish that needs to be washed.Still, the satisfaction Cinderella’s ghastly family felt at mistreating her cannot compare to the glorious, pure joy of walking into a fresh, clean house that you did not have to clean yourself. Hiring a housekeeper bears no resemblance to the dreadful subjugation of a charming young girl by her female relatives. Regular maid service is entirely about paying a fair wage to the housekeeper whose feet you might consider kissing when you end your day with a sigh of relief at the absence of clutter, dust, or dirty anything.Of course, you could drive yourself to distraction by fretting over how long it has been since you dusted the bookshelves. You could try to find time and motivation to pull everything out of the fridge and wipe down the shelves in there. You could stress out over the pet hair you are sure must accumulate under your bed but refuse to peek under to see. You could walk through every room in your home, cleaning fitfully but not thoroughly. You absolutely could. Why should you?Maid service is more affordable than you might think. Your budget can probably handle it. Your tension level would certainly benefit. Plus, with any luck, your housekeeper arrives at her home to find a fairy godmother who banished those dust bunnies with a flick of a wand and has maybe even drawn a bubble bath before floating away in her own little bubble.

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