Tips to Clean your Motorcycle

Washing a car is not difficult nor an uphill task. All you have to do is to simply clean the glass and the paint as well. That is not the case with a bike.

Cleaning a bike is more complicated and there’s a lot more to it. Keeping it clean of a showroom quality is important for showing off to your buddies. Once you learn some required techniques and find the correct products to use on your specific bike, the results seen are quite satisfying. We have put together a few tips on cleaning your motorcycle.

Preparing Yourself

Preparation is the key for any situation. Make sure that you remove everything extra in the bike which you don’t want to get wet. Scorching heat during the summer can lead to heat strokes. Therefore, find a spot in the shade to get your cleaning done for avoiding getting a heat stroke. Also, your engine is cooled off as you don’t want to throw water on a heated engine which can be quite dangerous. For any India motorcycle tour, you have to get your bike prepared for long drives and maintain it properly.

Also, keep your cleaning supplies ready to be used instantly for the wash. You require two buckets: the first one for washing your bike and the second one with water for rinsing. Other supplies which you need to purchase are sponges, washing detergent liquid, polish, rags, wax and a towel for drying. Preferably, use different sponges for washing various parts of the bike. Handy tips include using a toothbrush for reaching the hard to reach corners.

Use cleaning agents besides water to clean the motorcycle

You need to use the right cleaning product for the job. There is a separate product for each and every use. You will have to be really careful about general household cleaners which some people use which can be quite damaging to the paint on the bike. You will have to properly check to make sure that the product which you have purchased for cleaning is safe on all pain types.

Also, in case you are using any harsh products for cleaning the bike, you should start thinking of using a pair of rubber gloves to protect yourself. Washing by hand is always recommended as washing through high pressure can direct water at your electrical parts or muffler outlets. Also, pressure washer can force water down into water slits which can cause corrosion.


Attention to Details

Once you have finished washing and polishing, spend time cleaning the bike once more with the cloth made of microfiber material which you have used for cleaning the bike. Cleaning the engine casings, rubbing the wheels hubs and see from a close distance if you have missed out on any areas. Closely pay attention to the motorbike chain and don’t forget to lube the chain so that it stops friction and this will increase the lifetime too. Overspray can actually reach the tread area and affect the grip, otherwise use tyre shine only for rare occasions. Travelling through Motorbike tours India requires attention to details about knowing your bike well.


As the last step of your cleaning, use a rinsed microfiber cloth for drying your bike which has been properly squeezed. Never ever start using a sponge which had fallen on the ground, as it can collect pieces of grit which can otherwise scratch and damage the bike. A helpful tip to ensure that your bike has dried off is to ride on it around the street or on a quick drive while squeezing the brakes to get all those moisture accessible areas completely dried. As a last stepFree Web Content, give the machine another wipe with a microfiber cloth to get rid of streaks on your windscreen.