Hiring Maid Services Before Moving Into Your New Home


When moving into a new home or apartment, hiring professional maid
services for a thorough cleaning is highly recommended. While the
landlord or former owner should ensure it is hygienic and move-in ready,
sometimes in a rush to move in a new tenant or close the sale, some
details will be overlooked. It is especially important for those with
specific allergies such as animal dander, mold, or other potential
threats that may lie within the home.

If renting an apartment or home, request that professional maid services
are hired for an initial cleaning before signing any contracts. The
previous tenants may have owned pets, had children, or were engaged in
hobbies that may have left chemicals or other residues behind. Dander,
dust, and other microscopic particles can quickly circulate throughout
the air, causing sickness such as headaches, asthma, and sore throat.
Just because it looks clean, doesnÂ’t mean that pet hair and dirt are not
trapped below the surface, between floorboards, or within carpet
fibers, especially if it has not been inhabited in a while. All floors
should be given professional treatments, including carpet shampooing. If
the flooring, walls, or other materials seem particularly old or worn,
replacement might be necessary.

While a landlord should handle the scrubbing of an apartment, when
purchasing a home, initial maid services might be the responsibility of
the new owner. If buying from an agent or seller, cleaning fees, if
required, can be negotiated in the final sale price. However, when
buying a home from a bank, the sales are often as is – meaning, the home
may have unresolved issues. For a deep cleaning, specialized equipment
and chemicals are required to penetrate into materials, killing bacteria
and other harmful growths that may have developed. Make sure the
basement, attics, and any crawlspaces are also inspected, and cobwebs or
other debris removed.

If any mold develops within a few weeks of residency, bring this to the
attention of the seller or landlord immediately. Mold can be scrubbed
away or hidden temporarily, but once moisture builds up again it will be
immediately visible and spread quickly. Failing to alert the owner may
result in the loss of a security deposit or having to pay for expensive
mold removal and repair. If the home was bought and mold was found after
closing the deal, the seller may still be responsible for any required
repairs if it can be proven the damage was preexisting.

So before moving any boxes or furniture, get the home scrubbed until it
sparkles from top to bottom. Once all boxes, appliances, and furniture
is brought in and put into place, getting underneath or above these
areas may be impossible. Ensuring everything is clean beforehand gives
peace of mind and will make regular maintenance much easier. For further
safety, perform a thorough check of the outside of the home for holes,
cracks, or other damages that may allow outside dust or pests to enter
the home. Sealing these problems early is a valuable preventative



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