Your Home Will Sell Quicker With Fresh Paint


To raise the appeal of your property to potential buyers and possibly lead to a speedier sale, painting your house is a good investment. For example, Ajax real estate listings that had an update paint sold 10% faster than those how did not. Potential buyers could get a negative impression if the exterior of your house is in poor state. Aging and peeling paint, poor color combinations, etc are all possible exterior issues that could impact your sale. Investing some funds to paint the exterior of your house is a wise investment. You should choose neutral colors that will attract a large variety of potential buyers. Make sure the paint is applied properly and that it seems like a top quality job. The value of your property will be raised by this work.You can also paint only your front door if you have brick or stonework on the exterior of your property or if an overall paint is not a possibility. Guests and possible buyers alike will feel welcomed if the front door is painted in a nice color that contrasts nicely with the rest of the house. It will also offer your house an instantaneous facelift.While exterior paint will offer your house curb appeal, interior paint can make or break the deal. You may adore your rich dark colors or vibrant wall paper but this will not be case of most possible buyers. For a fresh and clean feel, invest in new paint for your property. You want to attract a large variety of people so select neutral colors. Make sure you repairs any damages in the walls or any other visible imperfections and take care when rolling on the paint. No one enjoys to see paint splatter on hardwood floors.Paint can also help you highlight the positive aspects of your house while downplaying the negative ones. If you have a small bedroom, it should painted in a pale color and have minimal and light colored furniture. If your master bedroom is quite big and has unusual architectural elements, highlight them with contrasting colors that will highlight the particular characteristics of the room.Do not forget to look at the condition of your hardwood floors and wood trims around the house while you are evaluating what needs to be painted in the house. Potential buyers may be put off by dull and scratched hardwood floors and not make an offer to purchase your house. If your floors are in poor condition, have them professionally sanded and re-stained. It is well worth the money and your floors will sparkle like new.You should hire a professional painter if you know you will do a poor job or if you absolutely hate painting. You can also hire student painters during the warm months at a reduced rate. Even if you do the work yourself, the ultimately goal is to have your house look as if it had been professionally painted.Selling a house is all about first impressions. Your entryway should be appealing and the walk to your front door inviting. The Ajax Ontario real estate market demonstrates this aspect. However, good responses can turn sour if the interior of the home doesn’t match the exterior. You want to attract the largest number of people possible so set aside your personal preferences for colors and finishes. Selling your house is after all the ultimate goal.

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