Maid Service: Going Green


Do you know if your maid service is environmentally friendly? Now more than ever, homeowners are concerned about the chemicals used to clean their homes. Is it safe for the kids to be around products that include harmful elements? Are the pets at risk? Before hiring an outside company to come in and do a complete and thorough cleaning, find out what options they offer when it comes to a green cleaning.Harmful ProductsWhat do you use to clean your windows, mirrors and kitchen sink? If you haven’t already, check out the list of ingredients on the back of any one of the bottles. Many are difficult to pronounce and you may not know what most of them are. Toxic chemicals often have high levels of volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. A maid service that uses commercial grade products is utilizing items that are more harmful than anything found under your sink.Instead of going with the traditional cleaning products. Talk to your maid service about environmentally friendly options. Natural cleaning products are not harmful to anyone in the house, including family members and pets. There is no need to make sure that no one is touching any of the surfaces without washing their hands next.Different Equipment and MethodsHarmful products go hand in hand with certain equipment. A special carpet cleaner can push harmful chemicals into the floor where they sit and soak in. It is not enough to change the cleaning products. A maid service also needs to change their equipment and their cleaning methods. If you aren’t sure about the difference these changes can make, talk to one of the professionals for more information. You can find out exactly how your cleaning professionals separate themselves from other local companies in the same industry.Current ExposureGreen cleaning always emphasizes what it best for both the family and the environment. While dust, mold, and mildew naturally occur in the environment. This does not mean that you want them in your home. A maid service can remove these items from your home, improve your air quality, and prevent issues for family members that have allergies.Effective CleaningGreen cleaning is no less effective than traditional methods. The bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms will still look clean and be clean. In most cases, they will lack the traditional “clean” smell that is often an overpowering result of harmful chemicals. Even if you are not bringing in a professional to handle the care of your home, you can still make a change at the store. Choose products that are clearly marked as environmentally friendly. If you aren’t sure about a product, turn it over and read the back label. You too can be green, protect your family, and protect the environment.

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