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Having maid services come in and offer assistance does not mean you simply let the home go to pot and not do anything to maintain it or keep it in order. Instead you need to do a fair amount of preparation and take appropriate steps to make sure that when they do come they can do their job easily and effectively without having to deal with issues that do not fall under their purview. This is not the old joke about cleaning the house for the cleaning lady to come, but it is a matter of getting things prepared so they can do the best and most thorough cleaning possible.Basically, what one needs to realize is that it is not the job of maid services to organize the home; they are there to clean it. For some that may not be a very fine distinction but it is worth noting. These professionals come to scrub the dirt out of grout and sterilize and wash sinks. It is not there job to fold towels or pick up after children. There may be a way to arrange to have these sorts of things done, but one should not count on it as being a part of the basic things offered. That being said a home should be relatively clutter free and picked up so that the things that the company is there to get clean are accessible.Another thing to prepare in advance is what sorts of products it is okay and not okay to use. Some people like the use of aerosol air fresheners throughout the house and in the bathroom. For others they would prefer the use of all natural cleaners throughout the home to minimize exposure to toxic and caustic chemicals. If the demands of a homeowner are outside the resources of the maid services then it may be necessary to supply these materials on one’s own. When considering hiring maid services it is critical that a homeowner does their homework to find a company who is willing to do the work that they are looking for. Some businesses are willing to do things like window cleaning and other special tasks that must be done periodically. Still others are only able to do the basic routine assigned to them but they may be worth hiring because of the excellent job they do. The final thing to do in preparing for having regular maid services set up is to arrange an initial consultation and walk the person through the home so that they can have an idea of what is expected of them and what each room requires. After the tour they should be able to quote a price for them to fulfill the goals.

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