House and Cuddy Join Heads and Hearts on House season 7 episode 12


Dr. Gregory House on the House series can aptly be described as a
bitter pill in dire need of a coat of sugar. He’s got the kind of
personality that makes one wonder whether it’s better to be mean and
make no qualms about it, or whether it’s better to be mean, but cover
it up with a veil of sweetness to save others from the brunt of it.
Well, House undoubtedly prefers to go by the first approach, without
ever giving two hoots to what anyone else thinks about him.While
people like House are detestable at first sight, one can’t help
noticing that they are usually kind and compassionate people deep down,
and best of all, are straightforward and upfront about all that they
feel. Get set to watch a manifestation of this aspect of House’s
personality on House s07e12 “You Must Remember This”, which is the
upcoming episode of the series. What’s going to be particularly
interesting to watch out, as we tune in to House season 7 episode 12 online as it gets aired, is the chemistry that House and Cuddy will share after all that happened in the previous episode.The
previous episode was entitled ‘Family Practice’ and brought House and
Cuddy closer than ever as they both worked on saving Cuddy’s mother,
Arlene. This was very different from anything that we’ve ever seen them
working on before, since it involved some of the most profound
emotions. The most touching part was that House worked on the case
despite the fact that Arlene repeatedly humiliated him and asked him to
keep at bay. To what extent will this generosity of the coldhearted
doctor warm Cuddy’s heart to him? Find out by getting a House season 7 episode 12 download any time after the episode’s telecast.House
s07e12 will be entitled “You Must Remember This” and will see House and
Cuddy working on a complicated case of a young woman with an
extraordinary memory, who’s suffering from temporary paralysis. Things
will take an unexpected twist when a visit from the patient’s sister
will trigger the complications. Be sure to watch House season 7 episode 12 online or on the small screen as and when it gets aired, to see how the team goes about getting to the bottom of this mysterious case.From
the sound of it, it seems that the episode will be yet another epitomic
episode that will bring to us the best of medical drama. Another
additional plot that will be sure to add fillip to the episode will be
that of House probing into Wilson’s life in an attempt to discover who
his secret companion is. In short, the episode will be brim-packed with
a spine-tingling medical complication, a budding romance and a dash of
mystery. Catch up with it all by tuning it to the next of the House



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