Best Bamboo Products For Eco-Friendly Home Improvement Plans


With the green building materials and construction policies sweeping all over the home improvement industry, bamboo has come out to be one of the most amazing, eco-friendly and beautiful materials in the construction world. Form some quite amazing hard-wood flooring to convenient outdoor fencing, bamboo products are able to fit in almost every homeowner’s eco-friendly and fancy home improvement needs. Though bamboo is categorized as a hardwood, it actually belongs to the family of grass. Not only just a simple grass, it grows faster than any other plant in the knowledge of a man. Some bamboo’s can be even seen growing to a size of 4 feet in a matter of 24 hours only. Solid harvested bamboo shoots, especially the ones harvested at night, are even stronger than some hardwoods and can also prove to be easy on pocket. The present day market is flooded with bamboo made products suitable for eco-friendly home improvement purposes. You can easily contact your contractors or the most trusted manufacturers in order to get some healthy recommendations. Further discussed are some best bamboo products that can prove to be healthy alternatives to hardwood made goods. 1.Bamboo FlooringWith a good range of varieties, which are rumored to be 100% stronger than the red oak, bamboo can serve the needs of a strong flooring material. Bamboo can be used for flooring purposes without any second thoughts. It is considered tough than even most of the hardwood flooring materials available in the home improvement market. 2.Bamboo Fences And DecksAre you tired of chain linking the iron poles for creating fence? Well, it’s time to consider bamboo fencing. You can even attach the same to the already existing fence or give a traditional look to the fence by building a complete bamboo frame. Similarly, you can also make use of this charming material for getting an elegant deck ready. It can be used in place of deck planks. 3.Bamboo FurnitureSince you are looking forward to remodel your home, it is time to remove the oak furniture and say hello to the modern bamboo furniture. It may not necessarily be the 70’s era furniture. You can go for the modern coffee tables, dining sets, nightstands and a lot many other furnishings and replace the old cherry, oak and maple furniture. So, these are some of the very best bamboo products that can be alternatively used instead of hardwood while heading towards an eco-friendly home improvement plan.



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