House MD The worlds most watched show


House MD, with Hugh Laurie, in the lead role of the medical genius
Doctor Gregory House MD beat its competitors in 2008, to become the
world’s most watched fiction TV show. According to a past survey
conducted by Eurodata TV Worldwide, House MD episodes are viewed by
81.8 million fans across the world. It has beaten the earlier records
set by ‘CSI: Las Vegas’ and its spin-off ‘CSI: Miami’. Both belong to
the same drama genre as House MD. During the survey, data was collected
from 66 countries, including the United States, Austria, Norway and
Georgia, where the audience is about 1.6 billion. The
main reason for the show’s popularity is the lead character; Dr.
Gregory House MD has always been the focal point of the drama. His
antics are quite entertaining, even when he is in the midst of a
medical mystery. The center stage placement of Hugh Laurie in the show
is quite appropriate as he possesses the charisma, depth and range,
which is required from any lead actor. If you watch house online,
you will find that even the storyline has been created around him and
his relationships. Everything executed in the show seems perfect and
nothing seems out of place. Sometimes, House’s
in-sensitiveness seems to be a pretense, and at times, the act is quite
prolonged by the creators. But this never succeeds to create a loss of
interest in the audience. In fact, the audience keeps on guessing where
the pretense stops and at what point the real story starts. If
you watch House MD episodes, you will find that House always tries to
draw sympathy from the audience, when a character is in pain. Upon
seeing the character in pain, every time the reaction of House is
different. Even if a person is habitual of watching House MD and has
in-depth knowledge about the character of Dr. House, most of the time
he fails to judge the reaction of House. The writers have added a lot
of suspense to the show, which helps in maintaining the interest level
of the audience. A viewer who watches House MD for the first
time is tempted to continue watching it. He becomes hooked to it and is
not able to miss even a single one of the House episodes.
One of the important reasons for the show’s temptation is whenever
House feels that he is prepared for the worst, things with greater
intensity of worseness happen!! Apart from House, there are
other structural characters, who are permanent on the show, and have
not changed since the time of the series’ inception. However, some new
cast members have been added and the show seems to be getting more
crowded. Those who watch House online regularly are aware that the
uniqueness of the show has never died.



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