Workforce Development Issues in a Changing Automotive Industry

Advances in productivity as a result of increased automation mean more can be done with less.

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New markets, new technology (particularly in powertrain components and electronics), and new manufacturing processes to address this dynamic marketplace are impacting all aspects of the automotive industry.

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This phenomenon has impacted, and will continue to impact, not only the OEM assembler, but also the entire supply chain. 

One component, in particular, that is being impacted is the workforce. More sophisticated processes mean a greater degree of understanding and technical skills than in the past. Rapid changes in both product development and assembly processes require a level of flexibility and teamwork that is constantly evolving.

Even new materials such as carbon fiber, stamped aluminum, and the introduction of other lightweight metals introduce an element of craftsmanship — in conjunction with increased technical skills — that warrants a different type of worker associate. 

As the automotive industry evolves, so will its need for a more skilled and productive workforce, for both incumbents and new plant startups.

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