Best 10 Ways to Market Your Home Improvement Company

If you are a handyman or have a home improvement business you want to get your company recognized. Promoting your business is a good way to do that. This article has some good ideas to do just that.

Home improvement businesses are experiencing a boost. Lots of players are taking part in the industry. From Kitchen remodeling, interior design, appliance repair services, carpet and upholstery service and lawn mowing, there are many different opportunities available in the market.

Carpet and upholstery companies are a good choice to venture. It has an assured market from both commercial and residential clients. Commercial include furnished apartments and motels, while residential are the countless homes looking for to have their sofas and carpets cleaned. The business is rewarding but very crowded.

For one to successfully compete, they need to promote aggressively. To enjoy the lion’s share of the market place, work with the following advertising plans to advertise your business.

home improvement marketing strategy

1. Social Media

The growing impact of social media can not be brushed off. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and SnapChat can reach millions of individuals if well utilized. You don’t have to use all of them but select the most suitable for your target market. Facebook especially has a more wide coverage. SnapChat and Instagram can is ideal for a younger target market. Post pictures, videos, links to websites, interest customers using social media.

2. Set up a blog

Blogs supply another affordable way to connect with your customers. Setting up one is free, and you use it to make specific content about your service. You illustrate the nature of your business, how you do it and even publish pictures of works completed. Include how homeowners can reach you and also put links to your social media accounts. If you have a bigger means, then create a professional online site.

3. Business Cards

Business cards are a more conventional method of marketing your business. You use it to connect with the conservative customers who may not necessarily use FaceBook to seek a carpet cleaning service. Circulate them at grocery shops, around the local community, in social halls. It is a cheap and effective way.

4. Partner with Complementary Businesses

To enhance your reach, associate with service providers offering a gratuitous service or goods. For example, if you are in the kitchen remodeling business you can work jointly with suppliers of kitchen wares. They offer valuable leads and can recommend your business to their users.

5. Expos

Show up at and participate in expos touching on your area of specialization. This way you get to learn about the trends in the market. You meet and network with prospective customers and also meet vendors. You can also display if you are in sectors such as interior d├ęcor.

6. Signage

Put up billboards and signs depending on the size of business and marketing finances. You also can brand the company car to improve visibility. Wearing Apparels with logos such as branded polo shirts not only make you appear professional but help promote your business.

7. Print and online media

Advertise in print and online media. Newspapers, radio, classifieds provide a broad reach. It reaches a diverse market and will lead to increased sales. You can also use pay per click ads on the digital network. Depending on the size of business you can select whether to use local or national newspapers. If targeting your immediate area, the local paper will be less costly and more effective. Use magazines to reach a more specific audience.

8. Free Consultation

Provide complimentary consultations. You can meet customers who are undecided and brainstorm ideas. Go to customers at their premises. A great pitch may convince the customer to go for it, hence give you the business. They can also suggest your services to their friends and relatives.

9. Get Listed

Get your business listed in the applicable business directories. Provide sufficient description providing information on the services and good you offer. Include information such as opening hours, photos and reviews in the ad. Since listings consist of many competing businesses, make sure your ad is original and can entice customers. Listing on Google ensures that your business comes up when customers search for service relevant to your industry.

10. Promotions

Run promotions which customers win gifts if they do particular things. For FaceBook suggest customers to share photos with your product or share your post on the product line you are marketing. The person with the highest number of likes will get a reward. You can also offer to rewards customers that bring referrals. Give them gifts, vouchers or discounts on their next buys. Also, provide volume discounts to big orders.

Final thought

If well employed, the above procedures provide a profitable way to promote and will boost the number of customers; It also leads to the growth of the home makeover business. The bottom-line is that a home improvement business, just like any other business, needs to market its solutions in order to get extra patrons and make significant profits. Also, promotion does not have to be costly for it to be usefulScience Articles, be open minded and use the latest strategies available as well as the typical ones.