Humidifier Cleaning Tips


Humidifiers are used by individuals who suffer from allergies are have
trouble with the level of humidity in their house. It assists to cleanse
the air and make it better for them to breathe and fall asleep at
night.  These high-priced machines are rather useful and need to be
cleaned regularly to avoid any troubles.
There are various ways that you will be able to clean out these machines
– but we are able to show you something that is easy for anyone to do.
First you have to combine a cup of vinegar with water. Pour the mixture
in a spray bottle.
Disconnect the humidifier and pull it apart by utilizing the directions
given to you. The water tank must be separate from the filter and the
base. Remove the housing for the motor so you will have the ability to
dismantle the base.
Fill the tank with lukewarm water and combine a tablespoon of bleach.
Make sure to put the cap back on and let it sit for thirty minutes.
During that time you have to keep it near a ventilated area and away
from kids or pets.
When you are waiting, put the filter in water in a saucepan. Pour in two
cups of vinegar and allow it to set for thirty minutes.
Pour in undiluted white vinegar in the base of the humidifier and allow
it to set around thirty minutes. Get rid of any build up or debris left
behind with a soft cloth. When you are completed ensure to rinse it.
the humidifier base utilizing a gallon of water per each
tablespoon of chlorine bleach. This combination has to set for thirty
minutes. When it is finished rinse all of the vinegar and bleach from
the machine and put it back together.



There are many types of humidifiers you can purchase which include the Vicks and Honeywell models. It is important to know the benefits of each and how to Clean A Humidifier once a week.