Maid Service is Next to Godliness


Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but no one wants to spend a Sunday afternoon on household chores. As a cheerful alternative, go ahead and take that day of rest and do with it what you will. It is true that the laundry will not do itself. However, maid service can check off much of your weekend to-do list for you. This newfound time can allow you the indulgence of filling those two precious days away from work with actual relaxation and fun. Happily, this grand luxury will even fit into your budget much more easily than you might think.Consider for a moment how many hours per week you spend cleaning your house. Now, add in the hours you spend worrying over household chores. Be sure to include each and every time you glance at the remaining cup of coffee in the coffee pot or the dirty clothes basket in your closet or the pet hair on your clothes as you get off couch to head out the door. All of those brief moments add up to a great many hours of your life each week. How valuable is that time to you? Odds are, the expense of weekly maid service is far lower. It is certainly worth every penny.Virtue may be its own reward, but will you feel that much more satisfied for having scrubbed the toilet yourself? Folding and putting away clean laundry has a certain Zen quality. Washing dishes will warm your hands in winter. Putting clean sheets on the bed just before slipping into them and floating off to dreamland has an instant gratification factor to it. Still, coming home to a sparkling shower, gleaming kitchen, and perfectly made bed – complete with hospital corners – rewards you for the good sense displayed by having someone else get your home back to a default clean setting. Keeping it up in the meantime will grant you the unspeakable joy of tidying. No grief at a total loss of household responsibility is required. Relief at the reduction in time and energy spent on all of the larger chores you would really rather avoid is certain.Ultimately, hiring a maid service is so much more than a weekly, biweekly or monthly expense. It provides a significant improvement on quality of life as well as a quantifiable increase in the consistency of the vacuuming and mopping of floors. The argument could be made that the removal of pet dander and dust mites in your carpet alone justifies the cost as a preventive health measure, even if no one in your household is allergic. Clean air is good for everyone. Before you spend another Sunday cleaning the stovetop while longing for a bit of rest and relaxation, call a local maid service for information on rates and services. Try it. You may return home to hear faint music carried on the sunbeams streaming through your perfectly clear windowpanes.

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