Shabby Chic is Sassy and Cheap!


Are you looking for interior design ideas to give your house a completed look?  If you love the shabby chic look, but just don’t think that you have the budget to get this look, think again!  This design concept is easy, fun and most importantly, inexpensive!  Thinking outside of the box and revamping items that you already have in your home can help make your shabby chic dream a reality.Shabby chic is all about relaxed style with a touch of retro and “airiness”; think back to the days when you would visit Grandma’s house when you were a little girl.  Special antique touches are everywhere.  The color scheme of shabby chic is mainly pastel colors; pink, robins’ egg blue and white.  Stripes mixed with florals with a hint of Battenberg lace here and there can give any room that special “shabby” touch.  Large, overstuffed furniture is a key element when decorating in a shabby chic style.  The most important thing to remember with furniture pieces is to maintain the true shabby essence, which is white-washing.  Distressed armoires, dressers and tables can really make a room.  Taking old pieces that you already have, stripping them down, and giving them an antique look by painting it white and rubbing the edges and part of the surface with a low-grade sand paper will give your room a perfect look.Accessories are important in any room, and that is especially true with shabby chic designs.  Keep in mind that in order to keep the integrity of shabby chic is keep a clean flow….even though shabby chic is essentially a “cluttered” look.  Try shopping at an antique store for anything that could be used in your living space.  Antique tea cups (doesn’t matter if they don’t match!), lace handkerchiefs, old hardback books, mason jars or vintage linens and quilts can be bought at a bargain and can make your room look like a million bucks!Paying a visit to a second hand store can also give you plenty of inexpensive things that you can salvage into shabby chic wonders!  An old door can be refinished and made into a headboard or a table top.  A vintage window panel can be placed on a wall for a fun look too.If you have an old wrought iron bed, give it a shabby chic makeover by giving it a coat of white paint.  Adding a vintage quilt along with linen pillow cases and throw pillows can really enhance your bedroom.  Putting some vintage floral prints up on your wall along with an old ceramic pitcher filled with dried blue hydrangeas will give your room a hint of nostalgia.Putting your room together is easy as long as you remember that shabby chic is not about matching, but more about feeling as though you have walked into yesteryear.  These easy shabby chic interior design ideas can help you to create an inviting and creative living space without breaking the bank!



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