Garage Door Design: Adding Flair to Your Existing Door


The garage door is, for many, the most often used and viewed part of the
home. Yet when it comes to the design, it is often ignored. The most
traditionally used look is the “raised panel.” Most home builders stick
to this option when designing a home, but this standard option doesn’t
have to mean standard design. Customizing the windows, adding hardware,
and coordinating colors can give the entire house a whole new look.

Because raised panels are pieced together in four to five separate
sections, retro-adding windows is as simple as replacing the top section
of the mechanism. Opting for a row of windows in place of plain
paneling instantly adds choices that contribute to style. Small details
such as the shape of the windows, the tint, and the tint design can help
to accent the style of the residence as well as the garage door.
Existing windows can be updated by creating templates and inlays that
affix to frames or by creating a faux shape with tint design.

Hardware is a fun and trendy way to provide style and allure. Much like
hinges and pulls, which adorn kitchen cabinets, it can add spark to
interior design, the addition of strap hinges and lift handles gives
curb appeal to the exterior design. These often dark colored accessories
with a wrought iron look are a throw-back to carriage houses—a rising
trend in today’s demand for the old world look. And with a cost of ten
to twenty dollars per piece, and a do-it-yourself installation, it is a
quick and simple way to get old world charm without an out-of-this-world
price tag.

Finally, with or without the addition of windows or hardware, the look
of a garage door and its coordination with the entire home can be
changed with some creative painting. Most can be stained to give the
look of wood without the upkeep of natural wood, and use of a
contrasting technique for color choice can make other architectural
attributes shine. The use of paint to create checked, diamond, or other
designs is quite vintage-on-the-cheap and is also quite original and

Whatever the style of the abode, the would-be plain raised panel garage
door can be transformed to bestow flair and accent. It’s a fun and
simple way to incorporate personal touch and curb appeal, and it’s an
attribute that can be done and re-done as trends change.



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