Clean Clean Clean Furnace Repair

This includes chimney
cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, tuning-up and repairing furnaces and inspecting all this kind of
systems by trying to find the best solution to your problem. We provide free chimney inspection,
this meaning that we take our responsability in inspecting for carbon monoxide hazards. Our motto
is Be there so not to be cold.

Our service is timeless

We provide on-time repairs, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, installation and maintenance, for
the best warranties, lowest costs and same as cash financing. The problems we are solving are
these: furnace gas leak, pilot gas going out, furnace not heating enough, furnace not heating at
all, furnace flame not igniting, furnace cycles on & off too often, blower motor runing but doesn’t
blow air, blower not stopping, air handle squeals, furnace cabinet rattles, noisy air ducts.

We offer you the best solution in periodic furnace maintenance by giving the best prices and
the best technical solutions. We are willing to provide a pleasant environment for you to live and
feel warm. So that’s why our suggestion is that you should always keep in mind a preventive
periodic maintenance so there won’t be a problem in the cold winter. Take advantage of the warm
season and perform a quick check-up of your furnace system. You might be facing some technical

Experience, experts

Our company is willing to examine your entire furnace system. We have experienced technicians
doing their jobs with passion and respect, trained to offer you the best solutions on every related
issue you have. Here are some of the important issues we are prepared to stand up for your help:
peak performance of the operating furnace, efficiency of the energy of your furnace, easy-to-clean
filters for having a special furnace.

With our company line and experience you can manage a very close confort with our line of
furnices. There is no need to worry about warranties because we have it all resolved and all for
you to save as much as you can from the repairings and to be satisfied with our workers and with
the repaired furnace.

Special prices

Our company is in the working area for some years so we are familiar with all the marketing
issues about billing. We are offering special furnace service and maintenance plans, depending on
the kind of problem your are facing or on the kind of furnace you are willing to buy. Also, our
billing and payment methods and terms are very well established from the beginning, depending on
the difficulty of the reparation. All we can say is that we are willing to offer you the best and
the lowest prices for any kind of repairing. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have a serious
problem with your furnace. We are here to clean when you need it.