Making Your Home Improvement Project a Success


If you recently bought your home is a foreclosure or short sale the chances are pretty good it needs some work done. Hopefully most of this work is just cosmetic to make it more like “your” home than “a” home. Before you start your home improvement project, you need to take into consideration what aspects of the home you want to change, what aspects you want to keep, and what you want parts you want to modify. You also need to set up a budget and work religiously to stay within your budget in order to meet your goals and come in either under budget or within your budget. It’s easy to go over budget on a home improvement project by making small changes as you go here and there without taking into consideration that those changes mean you are also affecting your budget.It can be as simple as changing the brackets on your kitchen cabinets from what you originally planned or as complex as upgrading the carpet in the living room to a more expensive option. Those changes will add up and before you know it you’re over budget and pastor closing time to finish your project.Kitchens and bathrooms have historically been the main rooms that people focus on when they do a remodel project. These rooms probably get used the most in a house and get used the hardest. They can also make a house look dated long before any other part of the house does. Anyone who had a house in the 1970s is probably familiar with the avocado green appliances and orange shag carpeting, that when you see today, date the house to the 1970s. Hopefully your appliances and carpet aren’t this dated, but they likely do need to be updated and replaced regardless.When you consider upgrading your kitchen and bathroom you may be tempted to totally take everything out and start over, however this can become a very expensive proposition so think carefully before you do it. You may be able to simply remove dated or damage countertops and replace them with a more up to date materials such as granite and keep your actual cabinets in place. You can also just change the surface appearance of your cabinets without doing a total replacement.When it’s all said and done, you will be amazed at how much of a drastic change you can make to your home with a simple home improvement project that includes replacing carpets, painting and updating a few vital rooms such as your kitchen and bath.Your general contractor is the key to a successful home improvement remodeling project. Because they will be subbing out work to painters, carpet layers, cabinet installers, plumbers, electricians and the like depending on what type of work your job needs.If you are picky about your general contractor you can rest assured they will be picky about whom they sub work out to and maintain the same high quality of workmanship throughout the whole job.



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