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Every once in a while, as human beings, we all experience some degree of loss of attention for the project that we’re working on. Sometimes we even lose attention during the conversation about the project that we’re participating in, distracted. However, when it comes to home improvement there are several stages of planning, preparation, and purchasing for an accepted professional bid in order to complete a larger project. This often involves discovering your limitations with smaller projects before looking forward to larger ones. It can seem and actually be overwhelming. After all, you are pursuing the changing of your living space. Sacrifices of time and space must be made in order to bring you what you want to see, fell, and experience in your addition, remodel, or full renovation. Your latest home improvement project may have started with the master bath then moved to updating all of the bathrooms. Or, your plans were supposed to include turning your office into a nursery before the family’s spring due date. Neither one of these projects can be put off any longer. You can’t go without a bathroom, and you can’t fathom your baby not having a room to come home to. So with at least two more months left of winter to pluck away, you have plenty of time to create a strategy, enact a plan, and enlist some help with finally finishing your home improvement projects. The first step to project completion is to acknowledge that you didn’t finish on your own the last time because you didn’t have the time or skill. So, now you can call a few professional contractors in your area. They should be able to come to your home to inspect the standing fixtures, assess the progress that you’ve made over the past months and make suggestions of how they can assist you from here to the coveted finish line. Every contractor you call and have over to your home should present you with a professional bid. This outlines the materials, equipment, individual projects and man hours required to help you finish. The bid is a price quote for all of the above. Also, it should include a concrete date of completion. There should be no estimates of deadline. If a surprise comes up such as a delay of materials or dry rot, for example, there should be an adjustment in labor and/or deadline to a new definitive date not a range of days, weeks, or months. You should also keep in mind that your vision for your space should be heard and applied, within reason of what is structurally possible, according to code and materials being used. After selecting a company, you will be made aware of the insurance for the workers and for your other property in the home during construction. Frankly, enlisting a professional contractor’s help is the easiest way to ensure completion. They are already trained and prepared to organize tasks, select the best materials, and install by deadline. It is the routine of their profession and how they became so successful. Now you can just kick back and look forward to a comfortable spring in your master bath or placing your baby to sleep in his or her first room.

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