What Every Site Owner Ought to know About Quality Website Design


Before I did research on how a quality website design should look like, I had a picture on my mind. I intended to create a site with many flashing images and multiple color fonts. I thought by doing so, surfers will like it. But guess what, I was hundred percent wrong.I didn’t know I was chasing away surfers. They will have the impression that I am an amateur. So, how should your quality website design look like? The answer to this question is by keeping it simply simple.Now you want to ask how simple is this? Mmm…Let me give you some light on this so that you can understand why a site full of multiple colors, flashing images and graphics doesn’t work for your surfers.Your home page is the one that your surfer will form judgment about your site. It tells her how organized you are by looking at the way you have arranged your table of content, navigation bars, the color palette, headlines and graphic images. If your home page is neat, your surfer will feel confident. She will conclude that you truly understand your site concept well.Your home page is like the front door of your house. Imagine a visitor visiting you in your house. The moment she opens the front door of your house, she finds that the sitting room is not well arranged. Papers, books clothes, unwashed utensils are scattered all over the floor. How will she judge you?Of course, the moment you ask her if she will take a cup of coffee or tea she will turn down your offer. Why? It is because she is irritated about your disorganization. She will want to leave immediately.That is also how your surfer feels the moment she arrives at your site and finds that your home page is disorganized. She will decline your offer and click her mouse from your site. So, create a good impression by having a quality website design. Be professional while creating your site. Use colors but do not go overboard about them. Over use of different colors in your site will distract your potential surfer. Choose three colors that you will be using alternatively when circumstances force.Ensure your navigation bars are easy to use. If your navigation bars are not user friendly, then they will deny you the action you are anticipating from your potential surfer.Use bold, italic and caps fonts only when circumstances force. This is best used when writing headlines and emphasizing on some sentiments which you want your surfer to pay attention at. Use few graphic images where necessary.Ooh! I had almost forgotten to tell you something important. Do you know that the search engines really like neat and well designed navigation bars? Yes, they like it because their work becomes easier. I have already told you “Keep your website design simply simple.”



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