Support the national navigation strategies

Hujin Min: In fact, Liu has been the first question to answer is very clear that the second question, you let me predict how much volume  Just depends on our joint efforts came to power all of the 4S Group and friends, I believe some time in the future Beidou, or is the GPS Compass dual-mode products will attract the consumers love, thank you!

Question: Hello, I would like to ask Guo Yuanshi, we know that the Chinese automotive design than the world’s main developed countries lag behind that in the automotive electronics also have the same situation, I would like to ask Guoyuan Shi, do you think the in-vehicle electronics and car networking aspects of our country and the world to keep pace  Thank you!

 The development of automotive electronics, including car networking, communications, and in this regard is still relatively large gap. I recently saw Lu Chang advancing progress in this regard, I am very happy today, I listened to all reports, but also know the country is now the Big Dipper progress, the original is not very clear.

Should be said that the efforts by all of us, and enterprises such as Lu Chang, a more Beidou chip manufacturers common efforts, I believe that we will never do more than, in a long time, we were able to close to international standards . From the financial resources we now have security, but we are now the National Science and Technology Development is very fast, I believe that we will navigate this regard, Beidou Road, Chang technological development will catch up with international power, thank you!

Question: Hello Dr. Hu, Sohu cars reporters. We talked a lot earlier the Beidou product and price, I would like to ask, Lu Chang technology Why choose a timing out of the Big Dipper this product. Just mentioned vehicle networking has been the flagship of the Big Dipper, The Beidou science and technology in the car intranet in the end the specific played what role, please talk about the Beidou technology in car networking development, have any specific idea, thank you!

Hu Jinmin: Thank you for your question, because the PPT a relatively short time, why the timing of the Beidou navigation. 2012 Beidou application year, Lu Chang technology as the industry leader must seize this opportunity with the national strategy is not to be synchronized with the development of the industry to promote, this is from a strategic height.

Another one from our company has been leading technology Zhang, director of the request, in fact, we are not today’s requirements, we started in 2010, when the the Beidou quality exploration,Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality.  we must be leading in the industry, so just through more than a year R & D , but also to the launch of the timing of this is the first question, why this time launched.

The second problem is the car in networking, car networking has been included in the vision of our company, you see inside the vision of our company, including auto mobile Internet, and that we do not know what it is called car networking, we call the car mobile Internet, so it Our company’s vision and mission. Director Liu PPT which also talked about just Beidou we can not simply look at the Big Dipper terminal navigation, and we look deep technology and service technology, these two things, these things combined, it generates value, will be more largeFree Articles, with the advantages of this simple GPS.