What Makes a Good Maid Service?


If cleaning the house wasn’t difficult and time consuming, no one would
bother to hire a maid. The truth is– a busy family often has little
time to properly clean and disinfect a home. Having a professional
cleaning service pick up the slack, even if it is just once a month can
greatly reduce stress and create a much more hygienic living
environment. But how do you know that you are getting the proper
service? Professional cleaners should always treat you as the employer,
show respect for house members and belongings, perform all jobs
correctly, and bring all necessary supplies for every shift.

You’re the Boss
Have you ever heard a maid say, “We don’t do that.” Well, you can’t
expect them to wash and wax your car or pick up your children from
school, but they should perform all cleaning tasks within reason. That
means you may ask them to dust the corners of the ceilings once a month,
or do the windows both inside and out. These jobs, as long as the
conditions are safe, should be performed without hesitation or
questioning. If you prefer certain jobs to be performed in a particular
order or method, you should explain this and expect your requests to be
honored during each session.

Disrespectful or rude behavior should never be tolerated from a maid
service. They are essentially your employee, so you have a right to fire
them at any time if they treat you poorly. That isn’t too say that you
shouldn’t return respect, but a professional will not talk back,
question orders, waste time, or treat any items in the house without
care. However, it is necessary that you explicitly and clearly state
your expectations and rules before they commence the job. Sometimes
cleaners may vary from week to week, in which case you may wish to
explain your instructions directly to the manager of the company to pass
down before shifts. If you feel that they are not taking the job
seriously or are disobeying your direct instructions, you should speak
with them or call the manager of the service to complain.

While there may not be much variance in vacuuming technique, there is a
method to many daily cleaning procedures. For example, you wouldn’t
clean the kitchen with the same rag used for the bathroom or you risk
cross contamination. Chemicals used to clean the windows aren’t the same
as those used for the floor. And water is never an acceptable
disinfectant. A professional maid service will have a trained staff that
is skilled at their job. When seeking a service, ask what training
employees have received and take a few minutes to monitor their work. It
will usually be very apparent if they are doing a poor job.

What happens when you forget to bring in an important report at work?
Without the proper supplies, a maid cannot do their job. The cleaning
service should ensure that their employees have all the equipment
necessary to perform the jobs you have requested. If you need a special
service, such as tall or high windows cleaning, you should tell them
beforehand to make sure that they can prepare beforehand.



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