Adorn Your Kitchen Counter Tops with High Pressure Laminates


Install laminate counter tops in your house or office in several colors, design and texture that suits your house.



Wood Laminates have been in use since many years in homes as well as the corporate world. The laminate woods are high-pressure laminates that can be used to resurface any top whether they are counter-tops the table tops, doors, vanities, cabinets, panels and wardrobes. They can be fitted everywhere and suit every theme as they are available in varied colors, digital prints, textures and patterns.
These high pressure laminates are molded at pressure of 1000 lb per sq. in. and in the range of 1200 to 2000 lb per sq inch. These high pressure laminate woods have high quality standards.

Industrial Quality standards –

European Standard EN438

Most of the high pressure decorative laminates manufacturers adhere to the European Standard EN438 when selling its product in worldwide market. Some of the companies which adhere to this standard are Violam, Dekodur Laminating Technologies, Maica, Greenlam, Formica, Wilsonart, etc. EN438 is the specific code that is entitled to these decorative high-pressure laminates (HPL) sheets based on thermo-setting resins and specifications.

Antibacterial Property

As these laminates are used as cabinets, kitchen tops, table tops and counter-tops that are constantly in touch with food materials and younger children, they need to be anti-bacterial. This anti-bacterial property of these wood laminates will ensure least bacterial growth.
ISO 22196:2007 is an anti-bacterial standard that is based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and its code is Z2801. This is one of the standards that is most often referred in the industry to test microbial activities, specifically bacteria.

Anti-fungal proper

ASTM G21-09 is the common anti-fungi standard. For the anti-fungal tests, very few manufacturers take the initiative. But most of the products manufactured nowadays have anti-fungal property.

Fire resistant and flame retardant

There are different standards with regards to flame resistant and fire resistant properties. These standards are different in different countries to adhere, but there are some common standards that are used by several countries.

Green Certificates

Two internationally acknowledged “Green” certificates for these laminates are the GREENGUARD and MAS Certified Green. These certificates certify that the products has low chemical emissions. Some of the chemicals tests are formaldehyde, VOCs, and other harmful particles.

Apart from theseFree Articles, there are many other certifications that are required by the authorities before the product is used as the building material. Singapore Green Label that is recognized by the Global Eco-labeling Network (GEN) and all its member countries is one of those certifications.

Keeping all these quality standards in mind these high pressure laminates and counter-tops are manufactured by the leading laminate manufacturer companies. These quality standards not only result in best and safe products but also show the consideration of the company against environment and its customers health and safety measures. It also shows that company is concerned about the product it manufactures and also increases it reputation of its products and the company itself. Visit for more details.