Five reasons to watch Doctor Who


Doctor Who is a science fiction show, which is greatly liked by both
British and Americans. It originated in Britain in 1963 and ran for 26
years. Later, due to its popularity, the show returned in 2007 and is
one of the most loved shows till date. The Doctor Who episodes are all
about a cosmic hero, who has the capability to travel through space and
time, saving the world in the process. The
doctor’s ability to regenerate and acquire a new look, is most liked by
the audience. Apart from these common reasons, the popularity of the
show is based on several other reasons and some of them are: 1. Eerie theme song:
The innovative and eerie theme song of Doctor Who has raised the
popularity of the series to quite a high level. Ron Grainer had
composed it and Delia Derbyshire had mixed and arranged at the BBC
Radiophonic Workshop. The process of recording was quite lengthy and
took several weeks. 2. Craze of Dalek: If you watch Doctor who online,
you will find that in the 1960s, Daleks (robot like mutants) became
more popular than the Doctor himself. Kids found the Daleks quite
terrifying, but loved to watch the monsters. The popularity of Daleks
led to the creation of Dalek toys, comics and solo songs like “I’m
Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek” by the Go-Go’s.3. Inclusion of words in dictionary:
Doctor Who is perhaps the first show which has contributed words to the
English dictionary. “Dalek” was the first word to become a part of the
English language and was commonly used for monster. The special
traveling machine of the Doctor, “Tardis” also got included in the
dictionary. It referred to something bigger from the inside, than the
outside. The most important contribution to the English language by the
show was the prefix “cyber”. 4. Depiction of violence and gore:
Those who watch Doctor Who know, that it was initially created for
kids, but later its smart concept began to tempt adults as well. Both
boys and girls find it quite entertaining, especially due to the
violence and gore. However, there were still some moral campaigners who
feel that the show is not suitable for kids, due to its scary and
violent content. 5. Great influence on the genre: Doctor Who had a tremendous impact on the British sci-fi genre. Initially, the producers of the Doctor Who episodes
had a limited budget and had to use creative ideas for special effects
and designing the sets. Their creativity was quite successful at that
time and many other sci-fi shows became influenced by the show. Due
to these reasons, Dr. Who’s popularity has never ceased to decline and
has reached the same level in America and other parts of the world too.



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