The Romance-less Life of Doctors in Doctor Who Episodes


Viewers consider the doctors of Doctor Who episodes, the most fortunate
guys in the world, as they always get the opportunity to travel with
sexy sidekicks in space. Although the doctors of this show keep on
changing from time-to-time, but they have been extremely blessed, as
every generation of altered doctor has come-up with a new foxy
companion. Well,
this is done intentionally by the creators, as watching Doctor Who
without a companion would have been quite boring. As in all its
episodes, the associates of doctors have been breathtaking beauties;
this beamed a ray of hope in the hearts of its followers to expect
possibility of some bubbling romance. The TV buffs tirelessly started
spending days and nights on the internet to watch Doctor Who online.But
unfortunately, in the old series, the followers never got the chance to
swing around, in the wonderful colors of love. The basic concept of
this show always prevented creators to induce a flavor of intense
passion and love in it. That’s why they concentrated on keeping the
relationships of doctors strictly to the extent of friendships and
didn’t take it to the next level. Indeed, there always has
been a close intimacy and warmth in the kinship of doctors with their
female allies, but this closeness never got transformed into romance.
It has been intentionally depicted to pull romance seekers and to
prompt them to watch Doctor Who online. But the lasting romance between doctors and female stars was not at all permitted.Well
guys, now you can comprehend how unfortunate all the doctors of this
series have been. Despite staying in the company of ravishing beauties
all the time, still they limited themselves to a friendly relationship.
But after keeping the viewers waiting for 42 years, in the new
series of Doctor Who, creators decided to mix some crispy flavor of
romance in its episodes. They tried to heat-up the things in the
romantic front also and that’s why started showing closeness between
doctor and their assistants. This compelled viewers to secure Doctor
Who download from web by burning midnight oil.The era of love
affairs started with the flirtation between doctor and Rose. But soon
things took a wrong lane, when Rose started living together with a
duplicate doctor from Journey’s End. And this forced the universe
defender, the legendary doctor to live an alone and deserted life. Well, only the future can predict whether in Doctor Who episodes, our loved doctors would ever be able to find contention of heart and permanent peace for themselves or not. But
the fact is if situations are analyzed from other side, it clearly
indicates that building a permanent relationship in the series will
lead to its complete wipe-off. The fact that doctors are fighting with
the odds alone and have enough fighting spirit to defend us forever,
actually keeps the show going.So cherish Doctor Who episodes, the way they are.



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