Home Renovation Or Improvement Loans

Home renovation involves major alterations to your home which could include adding a new floor or a room, remodeling your backyard and garden, changing your kitchen design, adding new fixtures to your bathroom, setting up new air conditioning and heating system, and repainting walls or changing the wall papers. If you are planning to do home renovation, you should be prepared for a large financial outlay to take care of these expenses. Most people do not have the necessary financial resources and depend upon home renovation loans to undertake the work.

Sources Of Home Improvement Loans

Loans for home renovation can be obtained from private lenders, building societies or from banks. However, if you are only carrying out a home improvement work or some urgent plumbing or electrical repairs, you can take a personal loan which should be repaid within a short time so that you do not have to pay much interest. Personal loans do not need any security or collateral and as such the applicable interest rate is higher.

Secured Loans For Home Renovation

Home improvement loans are normally secured and as such you have to offer your home or any other property as collateral. Lenders feel more secure with such loans as they know that they can repossess the property if you falter in your repayment of the loan. As such, they offer lower interest rates and flexible payment terms so that you can stretch the repayment period thereby reducing the amount of the monthly payment. In any case, before taking any type of loan, especially a secured one, you should go through the terms and conditions of the loan with a fine toothcomb. After all, you dont want to lose your most prized possession your home.

Terms Of Home Improvement loans

Loans for home renovation attract different interest rates and other terms depending on the credit standing of the borrower. If your credit rating is good, the lender will offer a lower rate of interest and better terms as he does not see much risk in lending the money and vice versa. Lenders also take into account the values of the property before and after the renovation work. The other factors that a lender considers are the extent of the improvements, age of the house and the existing mortgage. Its advisable to take loans for home renovation from government approved lending companies including loan associations, banks and mortgage companies as there is less likelihood of fraud.

Benefits Of Home Improvement Loans

The biggest benefit associated with taking a loan for home renovation is that you can get tax deduction for upgrading your home. Moreover, when you renovate your home, its value will go up as its quality improves. This will mean that the loan will pay for itself. Home renovation can also be funded through an extra advance on mortgage, a flat rate unsecured loan or a variable rate unsecured loan.

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