Renovating Your Home the Environmentally Friendly Way

If you’re interested in “greening up” your home renovation, here are some tips that can give you ideas. Environmentally friendly options are making it easy to improve your property without taking a heavy toll from the environment. Not only will you benefit your natural environment, you’ll also benefit your community.

If you’re selling your home and want an interesting way to attract buyers, promoting your home as environmentally friendly can help bring in offers. People are more environmentally aware these days, and anything that is seen as a “better choice” is popular. It stands to reason that if you go the ecological route, you might snag more offers.

– Shop Local for Tools and Supplies

Buy from local stores. If you can, patronize local manufacturers of furniture and other household items. Why pay for something that took a lot of fuel to transport when you can buy it locally? You’ll contribute to your community and help sustain the businesses of local people.

– Repair Instead of Replacement

Repairing and repainting will waste less material than buying a completely new item in many cases. Replace if you have to, but look at repair first. Most of the time, it’s cheaper, too.

– Buy Energy-Efficient Replacements

If you have to replace anything in your renovations, go for Energy Star qualified products. The website will show you a large number of appliances and equipment that are energy-efficient.

– Buy Recycled and Low-VOC Paint

If you’re repainting, check out the many options in environmentally-friendly and recycled paint available today. It used to be that paint was only available new, but now there are companies recycling unused paint and cans. Look for low amounts of Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your paint, primer, adhesive,

– Lay Sustainable Floors

Putting down new flooring? Consider bamboo or another sustainable material. Be aware that not all homes are suitable for all types of materials and choose your floor accordingly. Make sure that any prospective buyers are aware of any special care the floor needs. Reclaimed wood is another option.

– Erect Sustainable Fencing

Bamboo fences can last up to 20 years and have an attractive look to them. Willow fencing lasts about 10 years and can be purchased in rolls that accommodate curves in a yard easily. Reclaimed wood is another option that will provide you with attractive fencing that lasts for years. There are also new options in recycled fencing available.

– Clean Green

Use “green” cleaning supplies. Many of them, like orange oil cleaners, leave a pleasant scent in the home. Baking soda is a great scrubbing powder that doesn’t give off noxious fumes. Don’t use room sprays; they don’t smell as great as the companies that make them tell you they do. Bake bread or burn a SMALL amount of essential oil to infuse the air with a pleasing smell.

– Think light

Install energy efficient lights and consider solar panels and strategically placed windows that allow you to make the most of the sun’s natural light.

These are just a few ideas to help get you started. Visit your local green store or environmental action group to get more ideas for your green home renovation.

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