The Deterrent Value Of DIY Home Security

Undertaking a DIY project for home security doesn’t mean making up your own devices with duct tape and a Swiss Army knife, MacGyver style. It means you are doing the work to make your home safe and more secure yourself, installing security products purchased in the marketplace. There are a variety of products (and purposes for them) on the market, as well as a wide range of prices.


Deterrents are one of the most effective yet least expensive choices for home security. Security cameras, motion sensors, and entry point alarms are the primary deterrents.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are expensive but fake ones are not, yet look quite realistic. Mounted in obvious places, these are designed to deter thieves by giving the impression they are under surveillance. From empty camera shells to models with red lights and motion detectors that triggered into motion when someone is in range, there are a variety of models and price points available. Even amateur thieves know getting caught on camera is a big mistake. Adding a yard sign indicating video surveillance is in use on the premises deters all professional thieves, who won’t take the risk when easier marks are available.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are easy to install, simple to use and one of the most cost effective DIY home security systems available to homeowners. Some operate using a reflective beam. Most of them operate with an infrared sensor that detects changes in heat and movement by both people and animals. They are very effective in alerting you to the presence of someone or something on your property. By placing more than one sensor in various strategic locations around your property, you can create the best DIY security system for the least money possible. Some units have their own alert sound for each sensor position, letting you know exactly which property point has been breached.

Door, Window and Driveway Alarms

To protect your car or your property (if you live in a secluded area or out of sight from the road), a driveway sensor alarm is easy to install as well. Choose from infrared motion detector or magnetic alarms that detect metal vehicles, depending on whichever best serves your needs. Low-cost window and door alarms come in two pieces; one attached to the window or door, and the other attached to its frame. When opened, the connection is broken and an alert (when you are home) or alarm (when secured for the night or you’re gone) sounds.

All-in-One DIY Security Packages for Home Systems

A big seller and very affordable, DIY home packages have revolutionized the home security market. All the components are together in one box, saving you money over purchasing each individually. They also give you tremendous peace of mind.

Installing home security is one home improvement area in which Do It Yourself-ers with few skills can provide maximum improvement benefits for their home and family. The rewards in terms of the protection and safety of your family are of course exponential. Just be sure to read some DIY home security system reviews before choosing one (or more) to help make sure the it will suit your needs and budget.

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