Refinishing Parquet Floors

Parquet flooring is one of the more popular flooring types across the United States, even in New Jersey. Parquet flooring is not thick like solid floors. Parquet is thinner and it may be difficult to be restored or sanded. This is why parquet floors refinishing NJ is not a do-it-yourself job and there are a lot of professionals around New Jersey who specialize in this job.

These companies offer various options so that the homeowner makes his or her decision on what kind of parquet floors refinishing NJ the homeowner wishes to have applied on the floor. Offerings are the conventional oil-based polyurethane and water-based polyurethane. A newer option is the Rubio Monocoat floor finishes (natural).

If the homeowner’s floor is damaged and really old and the homeowner may not think of a viable solution to resolve the problem, then he or she must think again. Flooring repair companies in New Jersey provide the necessary refinishing work to make the floors look perfect and new-looking once again. There are various designs of older parquet floors; thus, parquet floors refinish NJ companies can make old floors look now new. Refinishing may also eradicate marks and scratches.

What are the advantages of refinishing parquet floors? The cost of refinishing old floors is considerably less than a new hardwood floor installation. Another advantage is time as companies can refinish old floors in one day or two. As for the design, parquet floor restorers can keep intact the house’s interior design setup. No unnecessary mass would be created. In the installation of a new floor system, one would have to remove the old floor. This would create a lot of garbage and dust. Sanding the old floor would be more sensible.

The homeowner may be surprised when his or her parquet floor looks new again. Parquet restoration companies offer regular sanding, dustless refinishing, polyurethane varnish (oil-based or water-based), monocoat finishing (natural), and various stains.

Parquet was invented as a replacement for marble flooring, which needed a lot of washing. This process tended to rot the floor joisting beneath. Parquet flooring normally lasts longer and requires minimal maintenance. Maintaining parquet flooring is easy and simple.

While the parquet floor maintenance process is easy, a DIY project for parquet installation is not. Installation requires considerable and specific training and homeowners may be at a loss for finding the right machinery to conduct such a painstaking and complicated parquet flooring installation.

Parquet floors refinishing NJ also needs professional help. A DIY refinishing can result in a shoddy job, which may lead the homeowner to consult the help of a specialized contractor. This process would even cost more. Before considering DIY refinishing, the homeowner is strongly advised to call the services of a professional.

Companies normally have more than 40 parquet stain colors available for the homeowner to choose from. With water-based and oil-based polyurethane and Rubio monocoat flooring, the homeowner is assured of a perfect restoration job. The homeowner would also be surprised how affordable parquet floors refinishing NJ is.

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